Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Guess what...My alma mater, the University of Michigan, is going to the Sugar Bowl baby!!! While this is great news I can't wait for next year when we take it to the ROSE BOWL!!! I know we can do it ;)



Day 1 Operation No Starbucks Coffee

Ok so I've written numerous times that I Love Starbucks. My favorite drinks are the White Chocolate Mocha and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. But I think it's time for me to kick my habit, as my brother likes to so frequently call it. Not only are these things expensive, keeping in mind that I'm a broke grad student, but they contain a lot of sugar and unnecessary calories. I want to practice more healthy habits and lose some weight. Regardless of these goals I've been holding on to beloved Starbucks and cutting out everything else.  It was like my bargaining chip.  I've heard that coffee can be good for you. But don't be like me and confuse what the signature Starbucks espresso is for "coffee".  I think the new's stories are referring to brewed black coffee with NO extras.

So today instead of getting my usual I got a green tea and used some honey and sugar in the raw or whatever it's called. These are supposed to be good substitutes for the syrup that's in my Bucks. I'm not saying I'll never have another WCH again. I'm simply saying ...hello my name is __________ and I'm a Starbucks junkie. Lol. But on a serious note I've kicked this before and I will do it again. I know my pockets will be happy.

Back to the books

P.S. I'm drinking more water too. So don't think I traded one drink for the other.
This is the China Green Tips.  It tasted like greens at first but then it got better with the honey and sugar. LOL

Friday, December 2, 2011

So what comes after the Big Chop?

Well I'm transitioning again and I'll be a year post-relaxer in February!!! YAY!  I've definitely been having a love-hate relationship with my hair and this journey.  One day my hair is like....BAM (I love it) the next my ends are like...WHOMP (disaster).  Yes, I know this happens to everyone, natural, transitioning, relaxed, whatever, but I just want to be natural again.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that loves their natural hair but starting relaxing again.  I'm just upset that I jumped the gun and first, BC (if you will), and second, relaxed my hair afterwards.

To tell you the truth I didn't know what to do with it and I was under that "I have a job and they won't except my hair" pressure.  Those were definitely unwarranted thoughts though.  My job was pretty accepting and understanding about my hair.  I would wear curly fro's, twist-outs, wigs, etc and most of my co-workers and employees said my styles were nice.  They may have been telling my stories but I can only go by what they said to me.

The point of this post is that I'm thinking about BC'ing very soon.  I'm not even a year into my transition.  I have  an okay amount of new growth definitely not what I am usually comfortable with.  But I think it will force me to embrace my hair through and through.  I mean...what else can you do with a few inches of hair.  I'll be on break from school for a few weeks and think I'll do it then.  An additional part of my plan is to BC and immediately throw some braids in my head LOL.  So then one might ask, well why BC.  And my thoughts are this my ends aren't the best, I'm sick of dealing with the relaxed ends, I want to be able to wash my hair and not worry about this line of demarcation, and I kind of want to experience this.

My hair has ALWAYS been a sensitive thing for me.  When I was younger I had long hair but then my mother relaxed my hair, and as you all may have guessed my hair broke off, or that's what the stylist said.  Instead of nursing my hair back to health over time this lady just kept cutting my hair off.  Looking back, she didn't know what the heck she was doing...not one bit.  (I WON'T EVEN GET STARTED LOL).  But from that point on my hair has been short and you couldn't pay me to willing cut my hair off, chewed off ends and anything else LOL.  The longest its been since was APL and that was during my last transition.  Lately, I haven't been so hung up about length.  Don't get me wrong I love length.  I actually prefer it on me.  But I am more patient than I was before.  Which brings us to today.  I'm thinking about BC'ing.

Please suggest some styles and methods for me to use.  I'm getting out some YouTube videos and such but when I do this I want to stick with it.  I'm not going to relax again...I'm done with that.  So I need to know... what happens after the BC?


Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Millionaire Matchmaker Reunion...WHAT????

Reunion shows have become both repetitive and mundane, all of which makes them unsatisfactory in my eyes.  They used to tackle most of the concerns of the viewers.  But now we sit there watching them discuss nothing or gloss over the really juicy details for an two hours (because the break the shows down over a course of two days).  This leads me to ask, why does The Millionaire Matchmaker have a reunion show???? Really????  Out of all the previous seasons there has been a reunion show.  I'm thinking it's because one wasn't needed. We know most of the participants don't make it...we can conclude this from the episode.  So why do I care to see them confirm this on the reunion show?  I don't, which is why I don't be watching.  Sure, there's that one couple that you say...aww, I'm glad they'll be going on a second date.  But you forget about them as soon as the credits roll, or at least I do.

Oh well, I know that TV producers will try anything to get a few extra dollars.  Going back to an earlier point these "reunion shows" don't talk about squat.  I like Wendy Williams (HOW YOU DOIN?) as a host.  She's not afraid to ask the good questions and address some sneaky behaviors that we saw during the season.  Plus, her team will dig into some off-season stories too.  Oh, and Wendy is not easily distracted by the all-of-a-sudden argument that jumps off so that the cast can avoid certain subjects. I LOVE IT!  If you've ever watched  the Wendy Williams show you know what I'm talking about.

Nevertheless, I'm about sick of these reality "stars" getting rich and not supplying what the heck has made them rich.  It's like once they've come out with their jewelry line or makeup line they want privacy. REALLY??? O_o.  Just two episodes ago you were free as a bird. Get out of here with that mess.

Look, all I'm saying is...either keep it really and juicy on the reunion shows or beat it.   Don't just give us any ole' thing because you want the extra rating boost.  I'll end it here by saying, we as consumers and the reason why these shows are able to keep going need to start demanding better product, that being good TV.  I think people desire their privacy but that's all out the window if you've signed up for a reality show that's sole purpose is to expose YOURSELF.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have to let it go

So I am working to lose weight and I  think I may have to let go of a few things for a while. 

1) Cheese
This is going to be a tuffy.  I'm a cheese addict.  In fact my aunt used to make me my own mac-n-cheese during the holidays because I loved it so much.  I know I could just use low fat our mozzarella cheese. But I have a confession to make...I can be an excessive person.  So that combined with my love of cheese means I have to cut it out to tame the craving.  (It's so good though)

2)  Chocolate
Once again I am a fiend.  But my oh my...chocolate is one delicious substance. I love everything about it.  I've cut it out of my food menu before.  But until I'm able to control the cravings I'm a mess. Lol

3)  Whipped Cream
Things like Hot Chocolate taste so much better with whipped cream but unnecessary calories come along with it.  So I order my coffees without it.  This wasn't a hard thing to do though.  Occasionally I'll order it but 9 times out of 10 I'll leave it out.

Lets see...what else?  You won't see
my Starbucks coffee on here.  I'm sure my brother will have lots to say about that. Lol.  Miracle Whip & mayo should probably be included in this but...not just yet.  I'm still training D

We'll see what other things I need to add as time goes on.


BTW: one of my goals is to go as Catwoman for Halloween. Lol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Faux hawk

I like it.  Currently I am participating in a K.I.S.S. Challenge. We must wear protective styles until Dec. 31st but we can wear our hair out on the weekend.  Hopefully this will help me each APL and start there as I transition.

Enjoy the pic!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

UPDATES, updates, UpDaTeS

Boy oh boy have things gotten busy these last couple of weeks.  It's been a lot of school, school, school.   Nevertheless, I've got some good news to report.   I got a B on my test in Human Physio (don't worry I will get a HARDCORE A on the next test) and an A on my Pharmacology test!  You don't know how happy I was to see those grades.  I wasn't so sure about Human Physio but the Lord pulled me through.  Next up is my Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health exam.  I don't think that will be too difficult.  The design of the course and the information is similar to that of Women's Studies, it's all repeated information.  Plus the exam is in essay format.  So I plan to analyze the topic and pull out a few quotes, and everything should be good. 

Enough about that class...I haven't been able to train for my leisure class as I would like but I have been able to make it to the kickboxing class, and let me tell you...my instructor tried to kill us LMBO (not literally ppl.).  He had us working and sweating.  I could have sworn we were in the midst of a P90X instructional taping.  Unfortunately, I punked out on a couple of the exercises.  Those crossover push-ups were a bit much.  I plan to work on my strength training though.  I also ordered some of my equipment and tapes to help me improve my form and technique.   I am so ready to begin them too.

Let's see, what else has been going on??? Oh, Sweetest Day was yesterday.  I would see that my husband and I had a great little celebration.  We really didn't do much but we did get a XBOX Kinect!!!!!!! YES :)  I put the smackdown on my family in Wipe Out.  Well, not really.  I only won one game and my nephew won the second game.  But it was fun watching my brother attempt to get his avatar to work properly. 

That's pretty much it for me.  I have to get back to this Epidemiology.  I have a quiz to take before the night is over :(  Oh June you can't get here soon enough.  I am so READY to begin my life as a med student!!!!  But until then....


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Might as well train hard

I am sooooooo sore.  I've been training at this new place and the instructor is WORKING us LOL.  I like the push though.  It's also making me come out of my shy-timid shell.  The people in my class seem so comfortable, while, I feel like I'm being a goof LOL.  I'm sure it will get better though.  I have class in a few hours so I guess I better get ready to SWEAT IT OUT :( but :) lol.   

A Day of Nothing

I've been so bad today and it was definitely not my plan.  I have done absolutely NO work, as far as school is concerned anyway.  On the bright side of things, I did make it to the grocery store.  I got fruits, veggies, and some cookies of course (I am such a cookie monster lol). 

This is random but I purchased 3 new books before Borders went out-of-business!  Here's what I got: 

All I Want Is Everything-Daaimah S. Poole
It was a pretty good read.  But it wasn't anything spectacular.  In some cases it was rather typical in that, person makes it big or close to big, loses themselves, hooks up with multiple guys, and somehow everything works out for the better LOL.  However, the ending was somewhat motivational.  I won't ruin everything for those that would like to read it though. 

Eighteen Acres-Nicolle Wallace
I haven't read anything further than 3-4 pages of this book.  This is only because I have work that I need to do so I can't spend too my quality time with my leisure books at the moment.  I think it was make for a good read though.  It's a book about women in high political positions.  In fact, the president is a woman.  So either women be strong, powerful, and capable of handling these high powered positions or the author will feed into stereotypes, making the women completely emotional to the point of destroying the country.  Let's hope she went with the first option.

Last, Cleopatra's Daughter-Michelle Moran  
Starting this book right now isn't even an option.  I can't wait to have time to read it though.  It's a little thick but I think I'll be able to make it through, if it is good.  Heavy emphasis on the, if it is good.  If a book is boring then you can pretty much count me out.  Sadly, it took me 3 years to get through The Bluest Eye.  Everyone I knew said it was one of their favorites, and while I get the message, it was B-O-R-I-N-G.  No disrespect to Ms. Toni Morrison, but I could not get down with it.  Nevertheless, I made it through.  Back to this particular book though.  I bought it for 2 reasons, one of which isn't so good LOL.  First, I was up one night watching tv and came across a documentary about Cleopatra.  The documentary painted a ruthless picture of Cleopatra.  They said she pretty much had members of her family killed so that she wouldn't have any competition in ruling their kingdom.  I was like o_O.  If this is true how could she do that.  In the end she and Marc Anthony were killed anyway.  Sorry...I've gotten off track.  Second, because I want to learn more about ancient history.  I'm talking about coverups, plots for destruction, takeovers, EVERYTHING.  I want to see how this country and other countries have gotten to where we are.

In a sense I want to know some truth.   How have some of these wealthy and powerful families made it to where they control major resources.  Most of us have heard the stories about someone's family coming from nothing and making it to the top. Well I want to know how they did it.  Was it all due to hard work?  Or did they grandfathers and grandmothers have to get RAW and do some shameful stuff.  

While simply reading Cleopatra's Daughter, a fiction novel, will not teach me major history lessons I am sure there is some truth in the events that took place.  I'll admit it is a half-@$$ attempt at learning history but I need a little fun mixed in right now.  At the moment I'm all textbooks and facts.  I want some unrealistic..I can't believe he/she did that...what's going to happen next reading LOL.  But if you know of some good history books or some interesting readings please share them with me. Please note, I am not rich so the books need to be on the cheaper side of things.  LOL  Also, if you've read the books I posted let me know what you think. 

Oh, one of my favorite books is No Disrespect by Sister Souljah.  It's not new but it is good and I have an autographed copy!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Transitioning Frustrations

OMGosh....I've been transitioning for about 7 months now and the relaxed ends are already getting on my nerves.  I transitioned for 3 years (I'm a length girl so I couldn't handle a TWA for myself.  Much love to those that are brave, courageous, and carefree enough to chop it all off).  Moving along, I have about 3.5 inches of new growth and I am not ready to BC right now.  I had reached my goal of APL and then I had my ends trimmed. 

Sometimes I think, what's the point if I am going to cut it off anyway.  But I can't let that distract me.  I want to stay at SL at the very least when I do decide to cut the relaxed ends off.  Shoot I'd love to stay at APL after each trim.  Therefore, I must devise a plan.  I need to do whatever it takes to retain my length.  I have pretty good growth so I think I can do it.  The only problem is that I'm lazy.  I hate thinking about some of the LONGGGGGGGGGGG processes.  I was much more involved and HUNGRY for healthy long hair the first time I transitioned.  Nevertheless, I'm going to get that drive back in me.  School and everything else can't stop me. 

So, what am I going to do then?  First, I need to start doing my protein treatments again.  That was a process I rarely skimped on the first time around.  Second, I will wash and Deep Condition every 1-2 weeks.  Third, I will twist or braid my hair up and LEAVE IT ALONE.  This is where the real problem comes into play.  I feel like I don't know what to do with my hair at this point so I am always doing something.  I'm thinking I need to create a list of protective styles. 

o_O what styles did I wear the first time that got me to APL???? o_O 

Sometime this weekend I am going to figure everything out.  I'll begin by checking out the regimes of some of my hair inspirations and some youtube videos. 

Catch ya later! Yo tengo estudiando.  (I have to go study)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WTFreak Johnny???

No, Johnny is not a real person and I'm not talking about an imaginary Johnny either.  So I guess you're wondering why I put the name in the title, huh?  I just do stuff that like lol.  Moving along.... So I was having a productive day today.  I got a lot of studying done, went to the library after class, made it to my car safely, and things turned for the worse on my way home.   I got a little lost (I'm living in a new town) and it was very late at night.  I just wanted to get home.  Well, I finally found the freeway and when I stopped at a light I notice a cop car behind me.  I figured he was just running my plates like how they do and next thing I know as I was continuing through the light he puts his lights on.  I get pull over and he says I was speeding.  I'm like...WHAT??? I was?  I was really unaware of this.  Nevertheless, I kindly apologized told him the situation and BAMMM he gave me a ticket.  I still can't believe I was speeding.  I didn't feel like I was and I check my odometer frequently when I'm driving. This is my first ticket and I just can't shake the fact that I even got one.  The officer apparently has proof that I was speeding but I don't have any.  I really don't feel like I was speeding especially given the fact that I was coming to a red light.  But maybe I was.  Maybe I was so excited to see the freeway that I didn't adjust my speed.  I really don't know.  Either way I have a speeding ticket that I have to pay for now. :(  At least I made it home safely.

Just thought I'd share.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Quickie Post

Omgosh...if you are out of shape or trying to get back into the groove of things don't undermine doing a light workout.  My roommate and I went to a one-on-one session with a kickboxing instructor and let me tell you...I'm sore as crape lol.  It was only 45 minutes but I was sweatinggggg, honey lol. He made us do 20 pushups and my upperbody must have been pushing because that's where I am mostly sore.  He also made us run in place while he was talking. That means NO BREAKS. Lol. He did let us get some water because it was our first time.  I plan to keep this up though.   I had a great time and got a good workout in!

So get out there and just do something...anything lol

Friday, September 9, 2011

Photos I said I'd Share

The first three photos are from Aught 20th. Those are ore and post cut photos.  The last shot is from Sept. 8th
Picture taken Sept. 8th, 2011

Pics of some cows LOL

Layered hair cut!

Pre-hair cut shot

Back shot. It's clear that I needed my ends clipped LOL

Right after she had stared cutting.  This is the first picture so you should look at the pics from bottom to top.

Where Have YOU Been???

Hey blog world!

A lot has been going on so I've been, capital letters, M. I. A.  So where to begin??? Let's start with hair.  My hair has been growing pretty well, despite the fact that my transition hasn't been the greatest process.  I've been dealing with split ends, dry ends...shoot dry roots, and whatever else.  But today was indeed a good hair day.  Quick synopsis of what I did...
  -Wash hair in two sections (Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair)
  -Let conditioner mix sit while I washed the other section.
         *Conditioner mix: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose w/ NTM Daily Deep Conditioner
  -Detangled hair while conditioner mix was still in it
  -Rinsed hair and applied ORS Deep Replenishing Pak (this may be a new love FOR REALZ.  My hair was super soft after I applied this stuff).
  -I let the conditioner sit on my head for about 30 minutes.
  -Rinsed hair and then prep'd for blow-dry.
           *Before blow-drying I let my hair t-shirt dry for a few minutes.  Then I applied my Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner and Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Reconstructer.  Then I used a very small amount of ORS Olive Oil Moisturizer with my Oil Combo.
   -I flatironed my hair later on in the evening.
I'll include some pics a little later.  But I loved my hair after this process.

Next, I've been adjusting to school.  I'm at a totally new campus and I barely know anyone here.  It sucked at first but I am getting used to everything.   BTW, I thought I'd like Epidemiology and thus far...I can't stand it LOL.  It's not the content that I don't like.  It's the way it's being taught. Just busy work at this point :( Pharmacology and Human Physiology seem pretty cool.  But I'm just now realizing that I'll need to buckle down on my study schedule more :( 

In addition to the classes I've been away from my husband and family.  I miss them like crazy too.  Perhaps, moving to a different state would have been a bad idea LOL.  On the bright side of things, when I'm driving to class I see all these animals: cows, horses, sheep.  It's so cool!  I've been meaning to snap a quick photo to send to my niece.  She's really into nature right now...hey, maybe she'll be a veterinarian  (still a doctor!)? LOL. 

Along with this new adventure has come a new diet.  First let me start by saying that I spent A LOT of money at the grocery store, which I hate btw.  I always spend way more than I tabulate in my head :(  Anyway, I got an assortment of fruits, some almonds, greek yogurt.  Now you'll notice that I didn't mention anything related to chocolate. Which no that I think about it I've been getting my chocolate kick with my Starbucks so....nevermind LOL.  Nevertheless, I purchased healthy foods from the grocery store.  I'm determined to look like a new woman, better yet like my old self pre senior year, by the time I go home from school.  Let's see if I can keep things moving forward! FINGERS CROSSED :)

I'm going to head to bed in a few and I think I'll end this blog with an announcement!  Starbucks has brought back the infamous...SALTED CARAMEL HOT CHOCOLATE.  And get this, they've added espresso to it, which is called Salted Carmel Mocha.  What is the Bucks trying to do to me? LOL 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Learn With Me Anyone?

Anyone that knows me or has seen some of my Facebook posts know I want to learn both, Spanish and Sign Language.  I've struggled to stick with lesson plans that I created for myself.  Pretty much every year I'll start all over again.  I know, I know...that's not a good habit.  But I always get consumed with school and I let my personal lessons fall to the side.  It's something that I am working on.  Regardless of the bad habits I have I still want to learn these two languages.  In my attempt to do so (this time LOL) I'm watching a few YouTube videos and I'll share them with you.  We can learn together.


Small disclaimer:  As you have probably assumed these videos do not belong to me and I did not take any part in their creation.  Feel free to share any information with me.


Long Time No See

It's been a little minute since I've blogged.  But that's because not much has changed with me.  My classes are over (THANK GOD) and I've just been enjoying my vacation before the new semester starts.  I'll be moving on campus, which I am a little sad about.  I'm trying to stay positive and look at it as a new experience.  This is a totally new school so I'll need to make new friends and see if some old friends are still around LOL. 

Oh...I got my hair cut yesterday.  I am a fan of layered hair, so I got my hair layered again.  It's so cute.  I'll have to post some pictures.  Also, I was tried out my new wig.  It needs to be cut but it still looked great.

My family and I played Kickball yesterday as well.  Talk about a blast.  My team won (that should have been expected LOL).  I'm just talking trash. My brother was on the other team.  I'm more than sure he thought his team had it in the bag.  But I caught one of the balls after he kicked it and so did my sister.  I saw that thing coming my way and KNEW I had to catch it.  I wouldn't have been able to live it down if I hadn't because my brother is a USDA Certified Grade A trash talker (LMBO).  Well...we all are actually but he is one for sure.  Anyways, we won 11-6.  Shout out to my team of All-stars because my team was WORKING (I WILL WORK YOU DOG).  

I can't think of anything else to talk about right now so I'm out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is this about passion or money???

I was just talking with my husband about people pursuing careers that they are passionate about versus careers that are based solely about making money.  Honestly, to think that people are only about making money makes me SICK.  I understand that people work to provide for themselves and their families; however, my problem lies in the fact that people seem to be less passionate about their craft.  Before people would have a goal…a dream...something to which they would work to master everything about it.  My dream has, for most of my life, to become a doctor.   Prior to that I wanted to be an artist and doctor/lawyer (I was so cute back then). These decisions stemmed from either my desire to help people or my love for art.  What are you passionate about?  Are you working towards your goals? Or have you jumped on the money-making bandwagon?

To clue you in on how this topic originated, I frequently watch YouTube videos (which has served as a great information source), and I noticed that everyone was making tutorials and such.  Now let me say while I am all for people making money I am not for people watching a few videos and then calling themselves a PRO.  Next thing you know see them posting videos that are about the same topics as the person that inspired them.  Have most of you even pursued an education in the field attempting to actually become a professional?  Or did you watch a few videos, practice on yourself and a few others, and continue on from there?  That's so mediocre.  I think people need to understand more than the surface facts.  Unfortunately this is something that people are complacent with.  Being FAKE professionals because their core audience doesn't require more of them.    

Another thing that bugs me about method of becoming a pro is that authenticity is compromised.  Can you honestly say that YouTube videos, specifically concerning hair care, are original anymore?  As of right now I don’t think so.  The trend I am seeing is: start with hair, lead to makeup, then jewelry and clothes videos will follow.  What’s up with this? It is one thing to see someone do something and then take an interest.  But I don't see this as the case.  What is see are people saying "oh, this is a quick way to make a few dollars", and in my opinion it really dilutes the quality.

There are a select few YouTubers that I watch and even they are getting a bit tired with the same topics and their inevitable following of the trend listed above.  It saddens me because…ultimately, it feels like you are using or deceiving the people that subscribe to you.  Originally, videos about hair care and such just seemed like people found what worked for them and wanted to share the wealth, almost like a community bonding type of deal.   However, this feeling was short-lived as everyone became about the money.  Once again in my opinion the people that do this are no longer simply sharing things about themselves.  What they are doing is selling recordings about themselves as if it were a reality show.  And some people are buying.  These people are literally making videos about their day-to-day life and nothing more.

I guess I just don’t like the business-side of things.  I think that you can make money without doing so in a “sneaky” manner.  Be real and upfront with your plans.  If you want to be a businessman/woman then state that.  Don’t lure people in under the basis of camaraderie and then turn into a business.  That's BS.  Also, some of the “popular” (I refuse to use the term celebrity) YouTubers really need to get over themselves.  That’s just my two cents. 

As I have already said be real, original, and passionate.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adding Apple Cider Vinegar

I think I will add ACV rinses to my hair routine...see how it will affect my hair.  Those that I see use it seem to like they way it helps with moisture and such.  I need to do a major protein treatment and wash so I'll try to do that this week.  I'm gearing up for some quizzes so IDK.

I'm off to bed now. Good Night

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Advice for New and Existing College Students

We've all been stumped on some quiz and exam questions.  Where some of us differ is in whether we answer the question or not.  Regardless of if you are sure of an answer make sure you put something down.  I am not going to lie.  I get confused by some of the questions instructors ask.  I'm the type that is always questioning rather or not the instructor is trying to catch students up on small stuff.  For instance, does the question include words like AND, MOST, ALL, etc.  Because so many instructors have done this in the past I wonder if this is a current method they use to "trick" students.  When I see those words I go into a panic because without them I know the answer (Oh I knows my stuff LOL). However, I immediately begin to think...did the teacher make a mistake (natural human error) or did they mean to include that part.  So...in the past I would erase my original answer (which more often than not turned out to be the correct answer) and put an answer I came up with after using logic that was created while in a panic.  Later I would get my score, look at the answers, and be P!ss (yes, I used a capital P).  To an instructor it looks like I didn't know my ....stuff, but I did.  Anyways, now I don't second guess myself.

I know I'm all off base.  My point is this if it is an essay question include all the points relevant (if there isn't a number of sentences or characters restriction).  I don't make up information but I will tell an instructor all the key points they relayed to the students when teaching the lessons.  I praise God for the memory he has given me.  If it is multiple choice write calm yourself and think about the steps (if it is a timed exam skip that question and keep it to moving.  If you don't you'll be on question number 3 out of 20 and hear the proctor say "5 MINUTES").

A few additional key pointers
  • First decide you want to be an A student and work to achieve that goal (KEEP ON PUSHING because it will get hard). 
  • Write down information as soon as you get your exam/ quiz.  I always go over key equations right before I enter a testing site and when the proctor says, "You may flip your exams/quiz over", I start to writing down everything I think is key.  This included equations, pathways, constants for equation (ie. Avogadro's number), whatever.  
  • Study with other people.  I am probably one of the most timid students known to man.  However, I came out of that box when I decided I wanted to be an A student and gained a little confidence in myself.  There is nothing wrong with being wrong.  You'll find that some of the smartest people you know don't state or get everything correctly.  One of my professor said to us that we should talk things out with other people and you may say things wrong because you are learning it; but, because you tried to explain the concept you will figure out, if someone doesn't point it out to you first, your errors and be able to correct them for a test.  That is unless you just didn't study anything and have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you are talking about. Which leads me to my next point.
  • WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. lol.  Unfortunately, there are people that want to come off as extremely intelligent and know-it-alls.  But you come to find out that they don't know too much.  While you may want to put this person in their place by NOT telling them they are incorrect, be the bigger person and share your knowledge.  If they reject the info then adopt the OH WELL attitude.  They will probably come around when they see their scores are terrible.
  • Make time for really study.  If your lab ends at 4:30 but you finished your assignment[s] at 3, stick around and master the info.  I followed this bit of advice from one of my friends (Thanks Didi) and rocked out in A&P. 
  • Another important note, don't be a cocky jerk.   I'm sorry but I saw a student, that had probably repeated the class, just completely ruin the confidence of an underclassmen.  The course we were taking was intense.  It was during the summer and the professor didn't play.  The student was concerned about her grades and thought she couldn't do any better.  I was a post-bacc student so I knew how to adjust to the prof's style of teaching; this may be a problem for freshmen and sophomores.  Anyway, the person she was talking to went into brag mode about how exceptionally well he was doing.  The demeanor of the girl just exuded decreasing confidence and worry.  Instead of giving this girl some pointers this guy went into yeah I'm not having that problem because "I'm so smart".  I wanted to crush his ego so bad because I was doing way better than him.  My point is this help people that need assistance because unless you are a natural born genius you may have needed some help as some point or another. 
Good luck to you all!  Keep pushing towards the goal of being one of the best and brightest :)  A special shout out to my little cousins that will be experiencing their first semester of college life this fall (A & L).  They resist it now but I will be pushing for them to become doctors ;)  LOL

Friday, July 29, 2011

There are Polite People Left

I just witnessed an action that leads me to believe that kind people, specifically young people, are still around in the world.  Normally if I see someone needs help getting through a door because their hands are full, they are in a wheelchair, or for whatever other reason I will get up and help them out.  This time I couldn't see the door but a young lady saw some elderly people needed help.  She caught my attention because she was moving back and forth (I guess she was trying to see if they really needed help or not).  Well, the last person did and she went to help them immediately.  I am so happy to see that people have not lost all care for other people.  What she did was a very kind gesture that unfortunately a lot of people don't think to do, or at least I haven't seen many of these people. 

We need more people that are willing to go the extra mile or to simply do something nice for another person.  A lesson that I am learning from my reading this week is that our society is fulled with selfish greed-filled people.  It is rather sad.  Many of the problems that so drastically affect our environment, economy, and health care system are because of greedy people.  If excess money, not even money, were taken out of the equation I think we'd be a lot better off.  However, the goal of some people is to increase their profits as much as possible. For what reason you ask.  I couldn't tell you.  Maybe it is just my personality but I don't plan to succeed and be financially prosperous because I close doors on other people.  It just upsets me. 

I have work to do right now so I'll have to return later to elaborate on my feelings.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hair length update 7-27-2011

It's a little uneven but coming along!  5 months post.

You can see where my hair is growing back at in the second photo.

Weight Goals

Weight Loss Goals
After each goal has been met I will cross them off and include the date.
123 ***Ultimate Goal***

Sources of exercise inspiration come from Youtube Channels: makingthebest09 and charliejames1975

We're going balls to the walls LOL (My prof used to say that when talking about weight loss and exercise.
I've started working out with my family on Saturdays too.  

A good way to get some exercise in is to stop meeting your friends at restaurants and meet them at the track.  You'll be able to catch up and move around. 

Hair Wants 7/27/2011

I haven't been spending nearly as much time with my hair as I did in the past. Now I'll wash it and let it sit in some braids or something. Before, I would do rollersets, press and curl, and let it sit in braids or something LOL.

My brother assumes I just don't care anymore. Which is definitely not the case. I am working towards long healthy hair. Having said that, it's not that I don't care. I just don't want to mess my hair up. I am recently recovering from some serious breakage and split ends. I had no idea what to do because my hair seemed to be so sensitive. One day I wanted to see how extensive the damage was so I clipped some of the hair from the damaged area (a decent amount) and saw that just about every strand had multiple split ends. It was a WTFreak, Man down, Code 10, O_o type situation.   I wanted to cry so bad. But I didn't. I revised my "hair regime" said some prayers (Had to ask God to help me) and kept it moving. Today, split ends aren't a problem in that region and really aren't a problem throughout my entire head.  I think I have my Aphogee products to thank for that.  Always come in handy.

A bit of advice to people: Don't try to follow the regimes of all the "Hair gurus". If you had a good "regime" before then stick with that and adjust when needed. I understand the want to buy every product that someone with long hair has when first introduced hair journeys. However, that may leave you broke and with hair a couple of inches longer than when you started. You really do need to assess what your hair likes and when it likes it. That's why I put regime in quotation marks. I don't think you need to say Monday you'll do this and Tuesday you'll do that, as if its mandatory. Yes, structure is necessary but doesn't have to be so rigid.  Your regime is like a cell.  Yes, I'm talking about eukaryotes and such LOL.  They need structure but can't be too rigid.  Otherwise, the cell can't function optimally and will probably die.  Unless you are a structured person you will eventually break free of a rigid routine because it will infringe on your life.  Keep it Simple in the words of my K.I.S.S. sisters.

Back to what I was talking about before.  The problem with me not doing as much to my hair now is my lack of a balanced system and sticking to it. I'm always worrying about the homework and studying I should be doing instead of goofing around doing "extra" things. So to resolve this issue I've been trying to let myself have a break if I want to chill out without thinking about school and all the things I have to do or should do.  In order to have a peace of mind and be successful a balanced system is essential.  You also need to leave PROCRASTINATION at the front door, and believe you me that bad boy always tries to hang around. :(

So I am going to make this happen.  I will be more playful with my hair.  This includes more flat-ironing (I know how much people hate that), Rollersets, Twist-outs, etc.  Don't worry...I love taking photos so as long as my husband will snap shots I will post them :)  I got some bad news for him though.  I'll need more earrings to go with my beautiful styles LMBO ;)

Have some fun people.

Wise Words

I love these two poems.  One I heard on Coach Carter (it had me balling) and the other on GI Jane (I can watch this movie a million times).  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear
is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness,
that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually who are we not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people
won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine as children do.
We were born to make manifest
the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And when we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

- Marianne Williamson




Self Pity 
I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

- D.H. Lawrence


If you want something...go out and get it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Too HOTTT

Oh my gosh it is so hot outside...but it's hotter in this dang on house.  The air conditioner and fan aren't doing anything and it's affecting my hair.  I threw some oil in my hair and put on a shower cap so my that it wouldn't dry out.  I may keep it on over night.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot as well.  I'm so glad it won't be as hot as today though.

Either way I'll be at the library.  Once again I have assignments and quizzes that are due.  WHEN WILL IT END LOL. I'm not complaining.  I've been doing well in school.  I want to keep it up so I can make the Dean's List.  But I don't know man. I'm getting tired and the laziness is setting in.  Someone tell me not to give up just yet LOL.

Anyways, I'm sitting here watching Real Housewives of New York (I gotta admit I love this franchise).  These women are off-the-chain-crazy.  On lady thinks she's pregnant and apparently hasn't considered that menopause may be an option (she is around that age).  On the hand, maybe she has considered it.  Menopause is probably a scary part of life.  You hear so many things about the process and medically speaking your hear about things like depleting hormones, osteoporosis, and etc.  Or she just wanted some extra TV time.  I'm gonna go with the latter.  I cause I'll see at the end of the episode when she takes a pregnancy test. 

Well I done for now.  I'll be back soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is ALL bad

So, I am working towards my Masters of Public Health and I've been reading more articles about epidemics and such.  I came across this article in the New York Times  (click the link) and this is ALL BAD for Public Health professionals.  If you don't feel like reading the entire article I'll just post this quote (but I recommend reading the article.  It is very short). 

"Almost 6,000 villages are supposed to be under surveillance, the campaign reported, but a W.H.O. representative recently found that local monitors were badly trained and unsupervised."

Now how in the world is this exceptable.  Well, they didn't say that the people weren't reprimanded.  However, that is ridiculous especially on the behalf of the people responsible for educating the monitors. 

We have to do better. LOL

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rice recipe

Cooking is something that I like to do...occasionally.  I more so like to make up my own rendition of recipes.  So what popped into my mind recently is a rice dish. 


-Basmati Rice
-Swanson's Chicken Broth
-Chicken Chunks

This should be pretty good, right?  What may make it even better is to roll all this up in a tortilla.  Throw a little sour cream and cheese into the mix (I'm a sour cream addict BTW).  I have a rice cooker too.  If I make it I'll post a pic. 

Hair Wants

I for sure want to try the Jane Carter line.  I've heard plenty of good things about the products.  As soon as I get some money and use my other products JC's line will be the first thing I purchase.  Also, I am considering the Shea Moisture conditioner spritz.
I was claiming APL (just barely) LOL.
Currently, I am use Aphogee (Love this stuff. It won't be going anywhere), Doo Gro shampoo, Suave Conditioner, NTM Daily Deep Conditioner, EVOO, JBCO, some essential oils, ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Cream, and HE LTR Split end Protector.  I don't use all these products at once but they all are in my hair rotation.  I can't wait for my natural hair to grow out more.  Here's where I was during my transition before:

See APL lol ;)
I just threw this in because I like this style LOL.  But this is a picture from my last transition.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dance Fever Baby

I want to join a dance class, and not the traditional modern dance or jazz class.  I want to learn video choreography.  Videos like this

really make me want to dance (excuse the language in the song).  This dance group is getting down and I'm sure they are having fun.  I remember my best friend, Jessica (shout out to you JP lol) and me, would try to learn TLC and Aaliyah choreography.  It was so much fun.  I couldn't then and still can't hip roll but that's okay, I tried.

I miss the days of not being so busy.   However, I'm learning it's all about balance.  I have to make time to do things that are fun and that I genuinely enjoy.  I love to dance....oh wait let me clear that up...I love to ROCKOUT LOL, draw, compete, and chill.  Oh goodness, I just thought about how much I used to LOVE talking on the phone.  That was such a teenage hobby and most people go through it.

Ok back to me and dancing.  There's a place that has some classes that I'm going to check out.  It's called Vixen Fitness.  This should be a lot of fun.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beyonce Craze

While my favorite Beyonce CD remains to be Dangerously In Love!  I am enjoying her new album 4.  It's HOT!  She has some of the "get down and dance tracks" mixed in with the "I love my man" tracks (Gotta love those ;)!  This CD helped me finish a grueling paper that was due last week.  
My favorite tracks are...
1+1, I Care, Countdown, and I Was Here. 

I can't sing (not even one note) but I was singing all of these songs.

I've seriously been playing it nonstop since I bought it!  My husband says I can be a little obsessive about things I'm really into.  LOL

If you haven't already check it out.  I'm sure you can go on YouTube and listen to some of tracks or at least go on Beyonce 4 at amazon.com (just click on the link) and get a preview.

Anyways,  I hope you get to enjoy the CD because I know I am.


Pump it Up

There are a few artists/songs that I must play when I work out...

1) Lil Wayne
2) Nicki Minaj (if you have Pandora check out her station)
3) Young Money - Pass the dutchess
4) Chris Brown

OH MY WORD...How could I forget... Travis Porter O_o

I suggest you create a playlist and set it on shuffle!

What artist help you make it through a workout?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Midday Rant

It always bugs me when I hand my debit card to a cashier and they slide it back to me on the counter after the transaction has been completed. Am I the only one that views this as a semi sign of disrespect? For some, sure, it is a unconscious habit. However, even this is inexcusable. If you see me hand you something then you need to follow Newton's Third Law of Motion and hand me my bleep back LOL. BTW: Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Just to make this statement a little bit more clear here's a very simplified example (so you science folks out there don't add your intellectual two cents LOL): While you are walking on the ground your foot is applying a force on the ground. According to Newton's Third Law, the ground is applying a force of equal magnitude back on your foot. However, the force applied is in the opposite direction. Anyways, I may have taken a complicated turn but all I mean is you need to show people the same respect they show you (i.e. don't place my debit card or my money on the counter if I purposefully handed it to you).

I'm not an angry person people. But somethings do bug me. Oh well, back to work I go!

~VickyNoSecrets Out ;) lol

My babies are growing up

This month has been full of great events. I've had 2 younger cousins graduate from high school, a nephew graduate from elementary school, and a niece graduate from kindergarten just yesterday. God is really showing me that time waits for no one. Therefore, we must either get with it or fall behind and remain stuck in the past. I am so proud of each of my family members. They are choosing to move forward and make things happen for themselves. I can only pray that they will never give up on making their dreams come true.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Word of the Day

Hola mis personas!!!!

Occasionally, I'll post a
Word-of-the-Day! This will not only help me to refine my vocabulary but you as well. Try to use the word as often as possible. Feel free to post your word-of-the-day or a fact-of-the-day.

Today's Word-of-the-day is
PROMULGATE (prom-ul-gate); It is a verb

1) to make (as a doctrine) known by open declaration: PROCLAIM
2a) to make known or public the terms of (a proposed law)
2b) to put (a law) into action or force

I think my next word of the day will be PRONATION!

Looking forward to seeing what words or facts people post.


Reference: Definition of promulgate

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quickie Post

Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to write a quick post before I forget my main question. I will come back to this post to elaborate and fix it up.

I am reading a textbook for one of my courses and it says, "Very little is known about why racial and ethnic groups differ in their health-related behavior." Once I read this I immediately thought of the word PRIVILEGE.

Do we really no know why ethnic groups of people tend to have poorer health? Or do we not want to rehash events that have occurred in the past and are still issues today?

Ok, I'll be back to write more. LOL

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hair Log 4/26/2011

Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Current Hair Goal: Armpit Length by June 2011

This is what I did to my hair today:
Pre-Poo / My new Suave Conditioner Combo to ends

Washed Hair / Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair

Major Protein Treatment / Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment
Gotta Love my Aphogee

Hot Oil Treatment / Queen Helene's Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment

Conditioned / My new Suave Conditioner Combo to ends
* Let it sit on my hair for a few hours while at the Gym.

Rinse and Air-dry.

-I am still conducting my experiment with taking my Multi-Vitamin and Biotin right before my workouts.

-I want to make a mix of shea butter, peppermint oil, aloe vera juice, and avocado oil.

That's it for now.

VickyNoSecrets ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something New...and I Might Love It

So I was grabbing a few item from Target today and of course I had to make a trip down the hair aisle. I was going to stock up on a few of my staples and possibly, pick up a conditioner. I wanted to try the Nexxus (sp) Humectant conditioner. After roaming a little while longer I came cross the Suave line. I have seen a few of my haircare sistahs using this line, I've been against it since the body wash used to dry my skin out like nobody's business (Smelled great though!). Any who, after I purchased my items I couldn't wait to try my new conditionerS so I put a couple of squirts on my hair when I got into the car LMBO (my husband is going to get me for buying more hair stuff LOL). I let the conditioner sit in my hair and it felt like LOVE :) Here are some pictures of the exact conditioners I bought.

Now I can't give a full out recommendation because I just bought them today but I will keep you posted! I can't wait to see how this helps get me to APL :) yes yes yes.

First Time Use Pros:
Smells Greatttttttttt
Good slippage
Hair felt extremely moisturized (Including 9 week post-relaxer new growth)
Cheap price ($1.87)
Cute bottles LOL

First Time Use Cons:
None, but like I said...I'll keep you posted.

BTW...my husband has me watching the Lakers vs. New Orleans game and why is Kobe dunking on everybody out here? LOL


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work It Out Baby!!!

Guess what I'm about to do....get Insane with Insanity! Yessir ;) Just wanted to share that with you guys. I'll keep you posted about this as well!

Omgoodness that was crazy and all I did was part of the fit test. I did pretty decent here are my numbers for the parts I did do.

82 kick things

30 squat jumps

40 right side kicks.

We'll see how things go the next time I do it.

Natural Hair

Yo yo yo yo LOL. I'm just being goofy. I haven't written a blog in a while so here are a few updates!

I've decided to go natural AGAIN! This time I won't be cutting my hair off. After transitioning for 3 years I never cut my relaxed ends off nor was I cutting them off bit by bit. So as I was seeing my natural hair emerge more and more I got excited. I was also rocking some cute styles. Well guess what I did. Your right...I got too amped, woke up early as ever and cut my hair off. I was feeling confident about my hair, dropped the fear of scissors coming within a foot my head, and got down right crazy LOL. Here's a shot :(
What the world was I going to do with this mess??? Absolutely nothing, or so that's what I was thinking. I didn't feel like I could go to work with an afro and my cute little styles were out the door. So....I did what a lot of people do when they jump the gun. I relaxed my hair again LOL.

8 months later I'm back where I was 3 months before my college graduation (GO BLUE!), i'm transitioning. Although, I miss my transitioning hair (it was getting so long SAD FACE) I don't fully regret what I did. I now know not to get so excited that I do something so extremely radical. I'll be sticking with my long-term transitioning sistahs out there LOL. I'll be 9 weeks post this Friday and I'm already feeling my beautiful curls :)

Stay tuned loves. Thanks for the read deuces (in my Derwin Davis voice)