Sunday, October 16, 2011

UPDATES, updates, UpDaTeS

Boy oh boy have things gotten busy these last couple of weeks.  It's been a lot of school, school, school.   Nevertheless, I've got some good news to report.   I got a B on my test in Human Physio (don't worry I will get a HARDCORE A on the next test) and an A on my Pharmacology test!  You don't know how happy I was to see those grades.  I wasn't so sure about Human Physio but the Lord pulled me through.  Next up is my Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health exam.  I don't think that will be too difficult.  The design of the course and the information is similar to that of Women's Studies, it's all repeated information.  Plus the exam is in essay format.  So I plan to analyze the topic and pull out a few quotes, and everything should be good. 

Enough about that class...I haven't been able to train for my leisure class as I would like but I have been able to make it to the kickboxing class, and let me tell instructor tried to kill us LMBO (not literally ppl.).  He had us working and sweating.  I could have sworn we were in the midst of a P90X instructional taping.  Unfortunately, I punked out on a couple of the exercises.  Those crossover push-ups were a bit much.  I plan to work on my strength training though.  I also ordered some of my equipment and tapes to help me improve my form and technique.   I am so ready to begin them too.

Let's see, what else has been going on??? Oh, Sweetest Day was yesterday.  I would see that my husband and I had a great little celebration.  We really didn't do much but we did get a XBOX Kinect!!!!!!! YES :)  I put the smackdown on my family in Wipe Out.  Well, not really.  I only won one game and my nephew won the second game.  But it was fun watching my brother attempt to get his avatar to work properly. 

That's pretty much it for me.  I have to get back to this Epidemiology.  I have a quiz to take before the night is over :(  Oh June you can't get here soon enough.  I am so READY to begin my life as a med student!!!!  But until then....



  1. I don't know him, but your brother is probably a much superior athlete than you! So you might wanna hold the laughter. Jus sayin

  2. Get a life Anthony. You swear you are Michael Johnson/Jordan/Phelps all in one LMBO.