Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Goals

Weight Loss Goals
After each goal has been met I will cross them off and include the date.
123 ***Ultimate Goal***

Sources of exercise inspiration come from Youtube Channels: makingthebest09 and charliejames1975

We're going balls to the walls LOL (My prof used to say that when talking about weight loss and exercise.
I've started working out with my family on Saturdays too.  

A good way to get some exercise in is to stop meeting your friends at restaurants and meet them at the track.  You'll be able to catch up and move around. 


  1. I'm trying to lose extra weight also. It's hard but I have to do it. I have set weight and hair goals for the rest of the year so I pray that we both make it! Your hair is coming along nicely, btw!

  2. Weight loss can be hard. Every time I eat something healthy I combat the effort with eating some cookies or something. I also struggle with making time for exercising. I've been doing a little bit better but I really need to make a schedule and stick with it. Good luck to you as well! Thank you!