Monday, January 6, 2014

Cherishing the NUDE!

Well what can I say I'm a girl that loves the nude. LOL.  No, it's not what you think.  I'm talking about NUDE colored nail polishesI recently took a poll on my Facebook page and it seems that I'm not the only "nudist".  Many women also love these colors on themselves and/or others.  Here's a pic of my favs...well more like my only lol.

These colors are perfect for a nice simple look! 

Board Wars

Let the Board Wars begin LOL.  Although I won't take my board exams for another 6 months I've already started to study for them.  I'm not doing anything major, as it may be pointless to cover a large chunk of material so early; however, doing practice questions has really helped to review old material AND show how much I don't remember LOL (the spotlight is all on me).  Nonetheless, I think doing small bits now will help when I go into hardcore study mode later.

Classes have technically started back.  I say technically because we have a snow day today! Otherwise I would have just been getting out of an ethics lecture (this should be interesting).  No, really, this should be interesting.  We'll be discussing our ever changing laws as they pertain to medicine and patient care, as well as, what will be expected of us as healthcare providers (eg. what's malpractice, negligence, confidentiality, etc).  There seems to be so many gray areas when it comes to medicine.  I mean, everyone is not the same and so they shouldn't be treated/cared for as such.  However, it's important to know what's crossing a line.  When does personalized care become unfair in terms of what should be provided to all people?  These are questions that will be answered in this course or at least I hope they'll be answered.

Later in the term we will be taking Respiratory (oh buddy [insert scary faced emoji here]), in addition to, OMM (osteopathic manipulation), and Patient Care.  So, my boards prep will be very minimal.  I won't have 8+ additional hours to dedicate to this material (unless I don't plan to sleep or have a life...which I DO lol).  But, I do know which areas I need the most work in and therefore, I'll devote my early prep to those areas while doing more questions.

I have yet to pick a boards prep course that caters to my style of learning.  I'm thinking of doing a board prep program that is offered through my school.   However, I'm unsure if that will be the most beneficial for me.  It'll be better than nothing, right?  Actually, I think it will be way better than I think.  It will just require me to do a lot more work than programs, such as Kaplan, that already have materials printed and ready for you.  If I decide to do this program I'll talk more about it later.

Are you currently preparing for board exams? If so, how are you going about it?  If not, when do you plan to start?  If you've already taken your boards what advice do you have? 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Journey to becoming a Nike Athlete...In My Head

Happy New Year people! 

Welcome me back to the blogging world!  It's been a long time since I've posted anything.  But with that said I'm glad to be back.  

Today marks the official day of my journey to become a Nike Athlete.  To be honest I don't know how one becomes one.  However, I follow quite a few people that are really into fitness and health, each representing Nike in some way, and so I declared that I'd work to become a Nike Athlete LOL.  So far, I've created my own ideas about the job qualifications. 

1) Do what you must to be healthy!
2) Work on fitness.
3) Wear Nike. LOL

My gym/workout shoes have always been Nike so I felt somewhat qualified in trying for this position.  LOL.  No, all jokes aside, I've been influenced by people such as, mankofit, ashleyjoi, msporsche911, laisdeleon,  and msjeanettejenkins, and many others on Instagram (follow me: carpe_diem_vb).  Also, I see what great shape other Nike representatives are in, and so I've classified all of them under this category, and now I'm working on my own journey.

I just hope that I don't lose focus and give up.  This is a lifelong commitment of course, but me and exercise, well lets just say that we have an on again, off again relationship LOL. 

I'm also doing a 30 day ab challenge with a group called Run This Town.  We are starting off with a minimal workouts and by the end of the challenge we will have worked our way up to a nice amount of reps.  Additionally, I am back to breaking more water.  Over the past year this hasn't been much of a problem for me, but when I forget my water bottles I also forget to drink the recommended amount of water for the day.  

Cheer me on and I attempt to balance my new hobby with my regular life/being a med student.  You know what they say though, you make time for what you want.