Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Semester 1 Completed

Boy oh boy I'm not sure if I was ready for the amount of information we were expected to learn in such little time.  I can't believe that we covered the anatomy of the entire human body in 10 weeks.  It was rough, but guess what...we did it ya'll!  So to my fellow medical students, especially those wonderful M1's out there, that first semester will take some adjusting but you can and will get through it.   

Just yesterday my classmates and I completed our first semester of medical school and now we are on break.  Ironically, during the term many of us were crying for a break and now that we are on break we don't know what to do.  WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO US??? lol.  Actually, I plan to take care of some business that I wasn't able to do during the term.  Oh, and unfortunately, we are expected to review some things for our upcoming classes (Where they do that at? O_o LOL).

Well I just wanted to share a little update.  I'm tired and need to collect my thoughts on how to share what occurred during the last 10 weeks. 

One last thing though.  My hair has been growing pretty well.  Currently, I can fit all my hair into a ponytail and the back is most definitely on it's way to APL!!!

Share more with you soon,