Thursday, September 15, 2011

Transitioning Frustrations

OMGosh....I've been transitioning for about 7 months now and the relaxed ends are already getting on my nerves.  I transitioned for 3 years (I'm a length girl so I couldn't handle a TWA for myself.  Much love to those that are brave, courageous, and carefree enough to chop it all off).  Moving along, I have about 3.5 inches of new growth and I am not ready to BC right now.  I had reached my goal of APL and then I had my ends trimmed. 

Sometimes I think, what's the point if I am going to cut it off anyway.  But I can't let that distract me.  I want to stay at SL at the very least when I do decide to cut the relaxed ends off.  Shoot I'd love to stay at APL after each trim.  Therefore, I must devise a plan.  I need to do whatever it takes to retain my length.  I have pretty good growth so I think I can do it.  The only problem is that I'm lazy.  I hate thinking about some of the LONGGGGGGGGGGG processes.  I was much more involved and HUNGRY for healthy long hair the first time I transitioned.  Nevertheless, I'm going to get that drive back in me.  School and everything else can't stop me. 

So, what am I going to do then?  First, I need to start doing my protein treatments again.  That was a process I rarely skimped on the first time around.  Second, I will wash and Deep Condition every 1-2 weeks.  Third, I will twist or braid my hair up and LEAVE IT ALONE.  This is where the real problem comes into play.  I feel like I don't know what to do with my hair at this point so I am always doing something.  I'm thinking I need to create a list of protective styles. 

o_O what styles did I wear the first time that got me to APL???? o_O 

Sometime this weekend I am going to figure everything out.  I'll begin by checking out the regimes of some of my hair inspirations and some youtube videos. 

Catch ya later! Yo tengo estudiando.  (I have to go study)


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the BC. I had decided to transition to natural as well, but couldn't bring myself to BC. And boy am I glad I didn't! I ended up changing my mind and staying relaxed!!! I think your plan will work out just fine!