Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work It Out Baby!!!

Guess what I'm about to do....get Insane with Insanity! Yessir ;) Just wanted to share that with you guys. I'll keep you posted about this as well!

Omgoodness that was crazy and all I did was part of the fit test. I did pretty decent here are my numbers for the parts I did do.

82 kick things

30 squat jumps

40 right side kicks.

We'll see how things go the next time I do it.


  1. Omg girl... I saw that infomertial (spelling) on a sunday morning, and let me tell you, I was running to the phone trying to get it... But chase was down, and other issues... It looks so good, and like it works, but it looks hard as hell... Let me tell you... Good luck with that thing. I did reviews, and overall I hear it really is INSANE... but imagine how beautiful your body is going to look when you've "earned it" lol... good luck

  2. It's one of those workouts that you need someone with you to help give you a constant push. I've only been able to do the fit test LOL. But I was sweating so much it was crazy lol. Have you tried Craigslist or something?