Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WTFreak Johnny???

No, Johnny is not a real person and I'm not talking about an imaginary Johnny either.  So I guess you're wondering why I put the name in the title, huh?  I just do stuff that like lol.  Moving along.... So I was having a productive day today.  I got a lot of studying done, went to the library after class, made it to my car safely, and things turned for the worse on my way home.   I got a little lost (I'm living in a new town) and it was very late at night.  I just wanted to get home.  Well, I finally found the freeway and when I stopped at a light I notice a cop car behind me.  I figured he was just running my plates like how they do and next thing I know as I was continuing through the light he puts his lights on.  I get pull over and he says I was speeding.  I'm like...WHAT??? I was?  I was really unaware of this.  Nevertheless, I kindly apologized told him the situation and BAMMM he gave me a ticket.  I still can't believe I was speeding.  I didn't feel like I was and I check my odometer frequently when I'm driving. This is my first ticket and I just can't shake the fact that I even got one.  The officer apparently has proof that I was speeding but I don't have any.  I really don't feel like I was speeding especially given the fact that I was coming to a red light.  But maybe I was.  Maybe I was so excited to see the freeway that I didn't adjust my speed.  I really don't know.  Either way I have a speeding ticket that I have to pay for now. :(  At least I made it home safely.

Just thought I'd share.



  1. I'm definitely glad you made it home safely! Careful being pulled over by 'cops' late at night, especially alone.

  2. IKR. I was mad for a few more days about the ticket LOL. I'm over it now though. hahaha