Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Base Hospital Selection

Today I'll be going to tour a hospital in anticipation for my classmates and me selecting our base hospitals this next semester.  We won't rotate in the hospitals until 3rd year.  However, we will find out the location after we all select our desired places this Fall.  It'll make for some interesting times as many of us are looking at some of the same hospitals, but there are only some many spots available.  Let the cat fights begin LOL.  No, I think everything will work itself out.  Nonetheless, I am excited to see the hospital setting, how the staff enjoys the hospitals, and a look into how things may be next year. 

I'll be going on the tour with one of my friends and she is just as excited as I am.  This hospital is one of our top choices.  In fact, it may actually be her #1 choice, not necessarily mine.  But we'll have to see where it stands once I look at my other choices. 

Today will also be a long day.  Some of my classmates are fasting for Ramadan, and one of the student organizations, the Islamic Student Medical Association (IMSA), is hosting a fast-a-thon today.  Those participating will fast from 4:30am-9:08pm (or so).  It seems like they had a pretty good turnout as quite a few of my classmates signed up.  Personally, I've never fasted this long before, nor have I given up food, in addition to, water.  It will be interesting to see how I'll respond. 

My first experience witnessing my anyone fast for Ramadan, knowingly anyway, was last year during our Anatomy course.  My classmates we all very strong and dedicated during the entirety of their fast, all while staying focused for school.  At that time I couldn't imagine what it would be like to adjust to the changes that the body would go through without food, water, etc, all during the stress of school and the heat outside.  Nonetheless, they were able to do it and so I believe I can do it too (at least for today LOL).  At the end of the day we'll break fast with my classmates and IMSA will show us their presentation.    

Friday, July 5, 2013

15 Med School Necessities

There are several medical students that have already started their first year.  My school is one of the institutions that begins during the Summer, unfortunately LOL.  Nevertheless, this post can be helpful to not only those that have already begun, but to those that are gearing up to start in the Fall.  Target usually has a pretty nice sale on school supplies well before grade school students begin, and I personally like to be the first in line to purchase some things I consider to be necessities (for the most part).  If you know any better you'd get there early too.  Mom's don't play around when it:

A) comes to their kids.
B) involves sales.
C) signifies a time when kids are going back to school.

I'm just kidding around, although, those were all true for my mother.   Anyways, here goes the countdown of supplies needed for med school success.  Well, not really success, I just thought I'd be a little dramatic lol.

15)  To Do Notepad
It's important to stay organized in school period.  Keeping a To Do List helps you to stay focused, prioritize, and minimizes feeling overwhelmed.

14) Tabs
Yet another tool to help you stay organized.  As you can see I love colors!!!  I don't really have a system for the colors I use.  Nonetheless, they help me to identify subjects/facts that I need to know for sure.  Sometimes during a lecture a prof may hint...THIS IS IMPORTANT (RED TAB w/ a star LOL). 

Carrying around a bunch of course packs or books are mad annoying.  So I consolidate all my material according to tests.  For example, everything that's on Exam 1 will be in my binder at the same time.  Then once that exam is over I switch out that material for Exam 2's material. 

12) Binders
Get ready to invest in the binders stock!  During my first year I purchased so many binders it wasn't funny.  No, really, it wasn't funny.  I would spend about 15 bucks on binders per semester.  Then I tried the whole binding of the course pack materials by exam.  That didn't work because I was still using binders.  Now, I've wised up a little and recycle them.  I bought some crates to put my old course packs in so that I can put the new course packs in the binders.  I guess you can so I sold my stock...or not lol.  Oh, and for those that do plan to purchase some binders...get nothing less than 3in.  As I already said my binder has the material for 1 exam in it.    

11) Paper Clips
 These aren't really necessary.   However, they do come in handy to help separate things.  Some people use them to mark off content they've already studied.  I'll use them to attach my personal notes to my course pack material.   I bought them during 2nd semester of 1st year and as you can see I have plenty more left lol 

10) Lip Balm ;)
No one wants chapped lips when sitting in lecture for 4+ hours.  Muah :) 

9) Notebooks
Yes, yes, the good old notebook.  Once again, depending on your study style you may not use notebooks.  I use them because I rewrite some of my notes.  Also, some profs presentations are not too good (no disrespect or shade LOL).  But in all honesty some profs will submit an outline.  Yes ma'am an outline.  This means that you'll have to transcribe everything on additional pieces of paper.     

Last, I take notes in classes that don't come with a course pack as well (i.e. OMM---> Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine for those that aren't aware). 

8) Pens 
This is where the fun begins!!!! Many of you can already tell that I love colors.  So why would my various pen collections be any different?  But seriously, have multiple colors helps me to stay organized and to maintain my interest.  It can get pretty boring flipping through 100's of pages, and if you're paying attention to the background of this photo we are currently studying the Gastrointestinal System....so yeah, the colors Duke, the colors (anyone remember that commercial???? NO? Ok! lol). 
 The multiple colors in one pen can be helpful during lecture.  The profs, usually doctors, are normally speaking a mile a minute to get through their content in the hour or two that they have been allotted.  So, there's no time to switch pens.  You could do it the old fashion way and take notes in one color and go back and add colors later, but let's be honest...there's no fun in being old fashion. LOL j/k

7) LARGE WALL Day Calendar
The wall calendar was recommended to me by one of our academic counselors.  After taking Anatomy during the summer of 1st year I felt a little burned out or unmotivated (yeah, that's it...unmotivated.  Burned out came at the end of 2nd semester LOL).  Nevertheless, I sought out help immediately because med school is a MAR-A-THON (yes, I had to break it up to emphasize the truth in that) so you need to figure out how to pace yourself.  Back on task though, he helped me to see that I am a rewards person.  I need to study for a while, then reward myself, and start studying again.  Using this calendar helps me to keep track of the MOST important dates.  If I have 3 weeks until the next exam rewarding myself an extra hour won't be an issue.  However, if the exam is in 3 days (like it is right now) then I need to buckle down.  He also noted that using our iPhone calendar is not as effective as using a wall calendar.    
6) Wite-Out or Correction Tape  
We all make mistakes people...it's not just me LOL.  I can't stand to look at scratch outs/strike throughs either :S  I purchased this in bulk as well.  Here's the link Amazon-White Out Bulk

5) Laptop
Most schools have gotten with the times and now allow us to stream lectures either while they're happening or after they've aired live.  Also, many people use a study system that requires a computer.  But don't get me wrong a lot of schools also have computer labs.  So if you don't want a laptop or simply can't afford on there are other methods you can use.  

4) Highlighters
 More colors!!! Yay!!! Highlighters are another product you'll feel as though you've made an investment in.  We run through yellow highlighters like nobody's business.  I personally don't have a problem with this though.  It brings life to my coursework LOL. 

3) Bookstand 
Studying for hours and hours can do numbers on your back and neck (thank goodness for OMM practice LOL).  This bookstand helps to minimize the angle that you have to hold your head while studying.  You can look straight ahead (for the most part) rather than looking down (OUCHHHH).  Hey...no endorsement deal here BTW.  I got this idea from a fellow med student.   I bought this off of Amazon-Rosemary Bookstand and the shipping cost more than the actual product LOL (just a heads up).  But my neck and back thank me for the purchase.  They have different sizes too.       
2) Watch or Timer
You want more free time??? Well here's how you get it.  Sit down and study using a timer.  I watched a documentary that followed some medical students throughout their 4 years of med school to their 10 year reunion (I think that's the timeline) and one of the students would study for a minimum of 6 hours not including bathroom or water breaks.  Seems like a lot but when you use a similar method (of course adjust the time if you need to) you'll have more "reward time" for yourself.  So watching your favorite TV shows later that night, going on a nature hike, spending time with the family, or blogging won't feel so bad/cause an anxiety attack.    

1) 2nd year COMLEX  or USMLE Prep Books
Now you may be wondering why in the dickens should you get a boards prep book during your 1st year and I can see why that would be a question.  But this was advice given to me and some other students before I was even close to starting medical school.  He told us it was important that we become familiar with the books and the type of information in them.  We didn't need to do board prep questions...that's not the important part.  What's important is seeing what kind of information might be on boards.   This will help you take a little something extra out of your lectures.  I got the binding cut off of my test prep book and take out the different subjects according to the classes that I am taking.  This allows me to write important, or emphasized, facts along the sides of the material so I won't have to double back when I start to prep for boards.  :::Side note::: 2nd year comes around a lot faster than you think.  :::Side note over::::  However, I wouldn't let filling in the helpful info interrupt my actual learning.

Well, that's all I have for you.  If there's anything else you'd like to know just comment below! I hope this was helpful :) Ohhhh, most of everything I talked about was purchased from Amazon (yet another company I feel like I should have stock in) and I try to buy them in bulk (i.e. the tabs, highlighters, white out, post-its, pens, etc).   Good luck my fellow comrades!   

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Hey Bloggedy Bloggers!!! 

It's been a long time since I've posted a blog and this post won’t be long at all either.  I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy July 4th!   I love the holidays because I get to hangout with my family and catch up with them.  We eat good, play some games, talk, and have an overall good time.  Who wouldn't love to have fun with people you love?  

As for school, I’M A SECOND YEAR!  I can't believe that I've been in medical school for a year.  To some it's not that big of a deal.  But what many may not know is that I've been waiting to go to medical school since I graduated from undergrad in 2007.  I had taken some time off after I graduated to take the last few pre-med courses that I hadn't completed while in undergrad...and then LIFE hit me.  Bills needed to be paid and so I had to work.  Unfortunately, working and taking classes at the same time was very difficult so it took me longer than I thought it would to get here.  In fact, I wasn't completely sure I would be here LOL.  Nevertheless, I made it.  Thank God!!! I'll tell more of my story in a different post.  But some of the key points are that I am a married, non-traditional student (if the term traditional student still exists in this day and age). 

So, to keep my promise of keeping this post short I'll say Happy Holiday and see you all next time.

Take care! 

P.S. Don't forget to check out My YoutTube Channel!

Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Time for Medical Mondays!

Hey so it's that time again. It's Medical Monday and I've linked up once again with some wonderful and entertaining bloggers.  If you are looking for some new blogs to check out I recommend that you check out the link.  I've got it posted on the side panel.

Gotta run.  We are wrapping up finals :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Are Personal Challenges Effective?

Don't worry my people this post won't be long at all.   It'll be straight to the point! 

I'm sure personal challenges can be largely effective if you commit to following through with all the criteria that you've established.  I posed this question because I am thinking about doing a couple of challenges myself.  In the past I've done a few hair challenges and they produced some pretty good results.  Although, keeping up with rules were a pain.  For example, I participated in a "no heat" boot camp challenge for about 3-4 months during which you could only use a heat pass 1x/month.  It was a true pain in the butt because I was used to putting heat in my hair about every 2-2.5 weeks.  Nevertheless, I made it though the challenge (only breaking the no heat rule about 1 time), and my hair grew a lot for my wedding.  I was very pleased at the end of it and I learned a lot about my natural hair.  I'll post some pics later in the post.  

So, back to the present day, currently, I am thinking about doing a prayer challenge that will consist of me praying 2x/day.  This should be interesting because I fluctuate between praying before I wonder off to sleep, praying sporadically throughout the day, and not praying at all.  I want to be more consistent with my prayer and I most certainly know that I need to dedicate myself to more than just praying for 2-5 minutes before I pass out every night.  This challenge came about one day when I was driving in my car.  Not to be dramatic but a feeling came over me and I thought I should do a prayer challenge, which brings me to this post.  I haven't established any rules for the challenge and I don't think I'm going to set any specific times, although, now I'm thinking that setting specific times will ensure that I follow through.  What do you all think?  Should I be pretty rigid with the rules or no?  Oh, and this is a 30 day challenge by the way. 

Also, I am considering a "Girl, You Cute" challenge.  For this particular challenge I'd fix my hair in some sort of a style (not necessarily straightened) and dress in some nice clothes.  Being that I am a student, a busy one at that, I wear a lot of sweat pants and t-shirts.  They are so convenient and comfortable.  But there are times when I just want to look cute.  So, I think I'll do this challenge and hopefully some of the outcomes will be:
  1. I fulfill the desire to look nice
  2. Learn how to put together some cute outfits in a short amount of time
  3. Learn some creative hair styles that I can use indefinitely
  4. Feel good because I look good (hey...this is not shallow people LOL) 
  5. Incorporate some playful colors into my wardrobe

This is just in time for the spring and summer seasons! 

Last, I want to do an exercise and nutrition challenge.  30 days of consist exercising and making my own foods.  I'm not sure if I should be pretty lax with this one or have some pretty strict rules.  I feel as though I shouldn't be too rigid because the fact is I am a medical student LOL.  On the other hand, that just seems like an excuse.   Can't you all tell that I battle with the delusions that I can have a life and be a stellar student...ugh...when will I just throw in the white towel? Anyways, some of the primary outcomes I am looking for here are:
  1. Increased physical activity leading to a healthier (physically, mentally, and emotionally) me
  2. Increased flexibility 
  3. Increased endurance
  4. Tone and strength increases
  5. Finally reaching my weight and muscle goals
  6. Developing a healthy meal plan for my husband and me
  7. Learning to cook more diverse meals in a short amount of time
  8. Seeing that I can do these things with school and not STRESSING THE HECK OUT LOL

So that's it.  Those are some of the challenges that I have been thinking about.   Oh...there's one more...I want to do a YouTube video challenge.  I'd like to make more YouTube videos and increase my viewership there.  Now that I think of it I should probably do a blogging challenge as well.   Boy, these challenges sure are racking up, aren't they? LOL.         

Well, let me know what you think about my challenge ideas so far.  Also, share with me any challenges that you've either done in the past, are currently doing, or would like to do in the future.  I'd love to read all the ideas! 

Guess this post wasn't so short after all LOL. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Paying it forward as M1's

The current 2nd years have been such an amazing help to all of us 1st years.  We walked into medical school completely unaware of what school had in store for us.  Our eyes were huge when we learned what our new curriculum would entail and even larger when we took our first Anatomy exams  (both written and the practical).  Nevertheless, the 2nd years seemed so confident and collected.  It was like watching an older sibling do something that amazed you.  With that they always offered helping hands and listening ears.  Even to this day they've been kind despite the fact that they are taking Respiratory (I'm so not looking forward to that).

So, now our turn is coming up.  In less than 2 weeks we will be 2nd yr medical students.  It's hard for me to believe that it has almost been a year since we began this journey.  On the other hand, it's been one heck of a year LOL.  I wonder will the new 1st years look at us how we looked at the 2015'ers.

Some of my classmates and I will be working as Blue Coats this summer for Anatomy lab.  That should be a lot of fun.  While being in lab was a very new experience for me I really enjoyed myself.  You get to learn so much and see all the different structures in the human body.  Furthermore, you gain a great appreciation for those that valued the effects of medicine so much that they donated themselves to science for educational benefits for students like myself.  Also, many of us have signed up to serve as Peer Mentors too.  I guess we will be getting to know the incoming students very well.  I'm really looking forward to meeting each of them.

That first summer semester will be crazy, yet fun.  You'll meet some amazing people and some not so amazing people (lol let's keep it real here folks).  Then there's getting to know your professors and admiring them for achieving some great accomplishments.  More than likely you'll want it to end because you're just not used to the intensity.  But adjustments will be made accordingly, and that's why we will be there to assist you.

I can't wait for the summer!    

Friday, April 5, 2013

Diabetes...Things Just Got Real

Diabetes is a disease that I believe a lot of people underestimate.  I believe this is because we often see people with the disease walking around appearing to be healthy on the exterior, meaning that we can't tell that someone has diabetes by simply looking at them.  However, contrary to this misconception, Diabetes can lead to extreme and debilitating outcomes.  For example, untreated diabetes can lead to hypertension, renal failure, neuropathy.   

Now, there are multiple types of Diabetes and each has its own effects.  For example, there's a Diabetes Incepitus and Diabetes Mellitus (Types I and II).  Type I Diabetes is sometimes classified as juvenile onset.  It is an auto-immune disease of which the Beta Cells in the pancreas are destroyed.  This just means that the body has decided to look at the pancreas as a foreign tissue and is trying to "protect" you from it...so the immune system does its job and kills those cells.  This results in the body's inability to produce Insulin, a molecule that's synthesized by the Beta Cells to decrease blood glucose levels.  Without functional Beta Cells glucose will remain at increased levels in the blood, thus, contributing to increased blood pressure.

Type II Diabetes involves a different mechanism of action as the Insulin receptors that are on other cells (i.e. muscle cells and fat cells) are no longer responsive to the Insulin that was produced or more Insulin is required to have a desired effect.  This is a process known as desensitization.  Consequently,  these cells don't take up the glucose, thereby, raising blood pressure.  Now let me backtrack a little bit to say that this form of diabetes was formerly called adult onset diabetes.  However, this classification isn't used anymore as people are being diagnosed at a younger and younger age.  Not to sound like I'm preaching but this is a problem.  Could you imagine being a young adult needing treatment for a disease that is, for the most part, preventable?   

My point here is that Diabetes needs to be taken more seriously.  This will probably require a more honest and raw education process.  I don't think it it widely discussed outside of the warning that you shouldn't eat too much sugar or you may develop Diabetes.  We have to do something more than this because there are many Americans with a form of diabetes (Type II) that can be prevented.  Two ways that we can prevent Diabetes is by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

This post won't be too long because this was something that was just on my mind.  So I decided to share my thoughts.

What are some of the ways that you can educate people about the effects of Diabetes?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Female Repro On Deck

We are making our way through these classes quicker than the speed of light.  It's hard to believe that my fellow classmates and I are about to be....2ND YEARS!!!!! After we complete this semester we will be 2nd year medical students.  It seems like just yesterday I was trying to finish up my MPH and awaiting the long couple of weeks to get my white coat.  Oh our faces when the physician standing on the stage finally threw that beautiful white piece of cloth on our backs.  I'm sure you'll never see a happier face, unless your looking at a mom and dad see their brand new baby.  That's how important that moment was for many of us.

Fast forward 10 months, 15+ classes, and several long hours of studying later and I'm taking Female Reproduction System.  This is a class that I've long awaited.  Most people that know me know that I've been interested in Women's Health and Reproduction since undergrad.  I enjoyed the subject, and it's complexity, so much that Ob-Gyn is my #1 choice...at the moment.  I say at the moment because I want to remain somewhat open until we finish rotations.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to learning more about the anatomy of a woman, how the reproductive system is regulated by our nervous system,  hormones, and environmental factors, and ultimately how this all relates to the development of a fetus.  Oh how amazing the human body is.  We'll  have to see if my passion for Female Repro will withstand these next fee weeks.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nothing like a pair of cute pearls

Every woman should have a pair of pearl earrings. They are just so cute and make just about any outfit look sophisticated and eye-catching. One of their best features is that they go amazing well with any color blouse.

I like to wear them when we have to see patients, shadow physicians, or have EVOLVE Clinic. I guess you can say they are my go to earrings. In fact, I prefer them over my usual gold hoops...and I love my miniature gold hoops!

Well, today's special occasion is EVOLVE Clinic. My classmates and I have to throw on our white coats and discuss simulated patient cases that relate to our current courses. This experience was designed to give us some form of clinical exposure without seeing actual patients. I see this as a gift and a curse lol. Sometimes is can be a pain to taken away from your study time to discuss something that isn't real. However, we do get to see how the content that we cover is applicable to real life situations, all the while, keeping us away from actual people lol.

Now we do get the chance to work with real patients in our clinical skills courses. But the EVOLVE Clinic and Clinical Skills don't correlate with one another. What I mean is what we go over in EVOLVE is conceptual subjects that more so involve our systems coursework to come up with a diagnosis. Whereas the clinical skills course requires us to learn how to perform exams and relate to patients. For the most part we get to play doctor more often lol.

Nevertheless, it helps to get through the tough times of studying all day because you feel like you are working and, toor at least, I appreciate hands-on projects.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Packing My Bags

Peace, I'm out of here!


I've always wanted to study aboard.  This desire dates back to my undergrad days.  I would walk to the underground area in The Union and see pamphlets and information about taking classes in Brazil, Spain, etc, and I never follow through with it.  So I decided that I wouldn't let the opportunity pass me by in medical school. 

As of late we've been getting plenty of information about medical mission trips that will be taking place during our breaks.  I looked into one of the trips but it was so expensive that I didn't look any further.   However, I feel that this was a mistake.  Perhaps, I could have applied for traveling scholarships or something.  If it's one thing that I am learning in school it's that there's always funding available somewhere.  As such, funds or lack thereof shouldn't be a deterrent.   Not unless they are asking for a deposit and you only have 24 hours to come up with the money, and even in that case you may find a miracle.

Nevertheless, I said I would for certain go on the trip next semester, God willing.  I've never traveled outside of the US and it's something that I really want to do.  So why should I deny myself the opportunity.  I shouldn't, right? Right! or Verdad as I should say now that I'm taking Medical Spanish. 

There are some amazing opportunities presented to my classmates and me and I should really take advantage so that I won't have the..."I wish I would have..." thoughts later down the line.    

Are there any interesting things that you wish you would have done or now have the chance to do?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Having some fun with my hair and makeup

These are just some fun photos I took while taking a break.  For the most part this is showing my current choice of protective styling---a rollerset.  Let's see how long this style will last me.  I'll try to make is stretch until my hair appointment.

For all my naturals out there you know the importance of protective styling, especially if your goal is to retain length.  I consider protective styling to be all the more important for those that are in programs where they just don't have the time to dedicate to their hair.  I have very coarse and thick hair so it's still not an easy task but it will help my hair to remain healthy and grow.

Lately, I've been moisturizing my hair with water and my leave-in conditioner (Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner).  Then I'll seal with coconut oil and shea butter.  For this particular style I just used some flexi-rods and separated the curls.

Then I felt like looking cute today (please don't think I'm conceited LOL) so I used my new Urban Decay Palette.  I think it was more so that I felt like playing in makeup and testing out my new palette.  Either way I like the pop of color that I got from my bronzer and the UD palette.  I then paired the makeup with a gold top and my fav watch with my fav earrings.

And, here's the outcome...
Don't let the shrinkage fool you.

Self party

cheese- yes I was a bit bored lol
I should have gone out somewhere right?  But I can't because we have 2 more exams and assignments due before we go on.....SPRING BREAK ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

YouTube Fav Videos of the Week

Here are some of my YouTube favs for the week....

3) Dr. Oz and the 9 minute workout.

2) A Compilation of the Harlem Shake Phenomenon

1) The Harlem Shake- Dr. Oz Edition

Happy Valentine's Day

I just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a Kiss from me to you!

Hola Me llamo...

Streaming lecture
Today we began our Basic Medical Spanish course.  No, it's not a requirement for us.  But I like Spanish and when the opportunity arose for me to take it through the university I jumped at it.  I had taken Spanish in high school and most of college.  In fact, I had even considered minoring in Spanish.  Sometimes I regret that I didn't follow through with that but there's no need for that anymore because I am taking the course now.

The class wasn't exactly what I had expected.  I thought the professor would start off very slow, which he did, but he also spoke lots of Spanish that had nothing to do with our assignment.  I'm assuming it's his native language and he expected many of us to have had some prior Spanish speaking experience.  While I do have experience it's been about 8 years since I've actually used it in conversation, so I don't recall too much.  Also, the session via polycom and there was some interference, in addition to, regular background noise from other students.  Needless to say I had a hard time jumping back into the game.  He was saying words I was completely unfamiliar with. LOL.  Nevertheless, I won't give up.  It may be challenging but I, for one, want to speak Spanish fluently; and second, I would love to be able to cater to Spanish speaking patients without the need of a translator.  How awesome would that be?  Furthermore, I'm sure they would feel more comfortable speaking with me directly rather than another random person.

Well our next class is next Wednesday and I hope I'll be better prepared.

Here's a sentence we learned today... ¿Donde le duele?

¡Si, me gusta mucho! Mi clase seria muy interesante.  


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Come on Spring Break

I just want to let you all know that I can't wait for Spring Break.  I don't have any plans other than just chilling out, watching tv, and catching up with family and friends.  Those are the best of times...and I just can't wait.  Our school has an Alternative Spring Break trip, like most other schools, but I opted out of that.  A part of me wanted to do the program.  But there was another part of my that said...you do things are semester, take a chill pill.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a chill pill...right? LOL. 

Nevertheless, we are gearing up for an exam tomorrow.  Currently, we are covering brain degeneration, seizures, epilepsy, anticonvulsant meds, headaches, meningitis, head trauma, dementia, and etc.  We're all over the place.  But come Monday we will be done with this material and on to the next batch, that is until...Spring Break.  :)  Can't you just feel my excitement. 

Well I'm out of here.   So I can literally get out of here LOL.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Goals for Feb. 4th-Feb 10th

It's a brand new week and I guess that means it's time for some brand new goals!

1) Look at my planner daily
2a) Set up a study schedule
2b) Stick to study schedule
3) Attend lecture everyday (EXCEPT Monday because I've already missed this day LOL
4) Continue to drink water daily
5) Read Bible
6) Review lecture material later that evening.
7) Find a way to read my new book while studying like I ought to.

Let's see how last weeks goals went.

1) Attend lecture everyday
Well I went 4 out  of the 5 days (pretty good, I think).

2) Review lecture notes afterward or later that night (No exceptions)
Unfortunately, this didn't happen for all the lectures.  Gotta work on this.

3) Exercise at least 3 times a week 
Just didn't happen at all.  Sad, I know :(

4) Drink 2L of water daily (I repeat DAILY) lol
For the most part I did drink the 1.5-2L/day.  I'll start using my phone app to keep better track though.

5) Do something fun during the week (i.e. visit the museums...if it's warm roam downtown)
Well, if I didn't successfully achieve all of the other goals I definitely did with this one ;) I watched some of the Super Bowl, I mean Beyonce's Concert, with my family.  She did a good job IMO.

6) Take a lunch 3 out of the 5 days that I'm at school
More like 1 out of the 4 days.

7) Visit with my professor[s] at least 1 time this week
Oh, no.  I totally forgot about this one.   I need to do better with this.

8) Attempt to pre-read the lectures the day before
Nope, just didn't happen again.  Although, I'm not sure how useful it would have been given that some of our lectures are pure outlines.  

9) Blog at least once per  week
Yes, ya'll!  I did blog at least once this week.   Although, I'm not sure how enjoyable my posts were LOL.

Get to Work

You talking to me, huh?
Cheers looking at you, kid!

 Omgosh I've been on break mode all day.  I haven't touched a textbook, course pack, or pencil since I decided I wouldn't stream lecture earlier today.  Unfortunately I woke up late for the first two lectures and then decided I'd ride with my husband to get some maintenance work done on my car.  All the while I was telling myself..."self when you get home you are going to get straight to work."  That hasn't happened just yet.  Instead I checked out some YouTube videos and played in makeup.  Yeah, real productive...I know, right? O_o LOL Now I'm writing a blog about how I'm not studying.  

Let's just blame it on the weather.  It is snowing in the Midwest and I don't want to drive to campus.  But we have a quiz Friday so I better get to it.  Ok, so let's do this on the count of three.  One, Two, Threeeeeeee.  I guess so. 


Oh, that reminds me.  I signed up for Medical Spanish.  That should be a lot of fun.  Hopefully, those 6 years of Spanish will come back to me. 

While med school is tough I am enjoying the experience…somewhat…sometimes
Ok, I’m out of here lol.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Would You Do?

Reflect back to a time when you felt uninhibited, limitless, and fearless.  For many of us that was so long ago, probably at the tender age of 5.  There were no cares and responsibilities at that point.  We were simply allowed to live life and have fun.  At that point we hadn't been influenced by popularity, family pressure, or the idolization of money.  Nope, we were in our purest form.

So if you were able to look back to that point what was it that you wanted to do with your life?  What were your career options?  What were your goals?  According to my family I wanted to be a lunch lady and a janitor. LOL.  I do recall acting as a waitress while my family and I waited for dinner.  I was quite the character.  However, I was limitless and carefree.  I didn't care what anyone thought I should be doing or where my time was better spent.  Those were things that I wanted to do at the time.

As I got older my career aspirations began to change.  My talents, gifts, and skills were developing and I found myself taking to things on the more creative side of the spectrum.  I loved to draw, paint, and create stories (not lies...but stories LOL).  So it only seemed  right that I wanted to be an artist.  For the longest time that's what I thought I wanted to be.  But I was also coming into an age where I wanted to make my parents proud.  As such, I decided I could also be a lawyer and a doctor...you know, to satisfy them.  Really, how hard could being an artist, doctor, and lawyer be?  LOL.  At some point I dropped the lawyer thing.  That was never a real passion of mine and I avoid confrontation by all costs.  It just seemed pretty hardcore to think, I'm going to be a doctor AND a lawyer.  LOL. 

What was left was medicine and art.  Unfortunately, drawing and creating stories became a sporadic hobby that I would engage in every once and a while.  Which was cool because I had actually loved the sciences, more specifically biology and anatomy.  So here I am, a first year medical student. 

It's funny thinking about the evolution of it all.  Sometimes we end up in totally different places than we once thought as kids.  That's just how life works I guess.     

Nevertheless that creative bug is still in me.  I always joke with friends that if medicine doesn't work out I'll go to film school.  (I'm sure that has nothing to do with my wanting to meet Denzel Washington ***smiles***).  But seriously, once medical school is over I'll have to find a way to nourish my creative side.  Thinking about it now it's not something that I want or should let go to waste.

So what is it that you wanted to be and where did you end up?  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are Your Goals Just Goals?

When setting a goal you should also create a  plan of action.  I mean, what's a goal if you aren't working to achieve it?  A couple of days ago I shared my goals of the week and while I have  accomplished some them I have just as easily slacked on some.  Unfortunately, one of them happens to be  one of the most important of them all.  I said that I would attend live lecture everyday.  Well, so much for that.  I overslept this morning because I was up late last night doing absolutely nothing.  The crazy part is that as it got later and later into the night I was thinking..."maybe you should go to sleep so that you can wake up for class."   But, I didn't listen to my inner self.  Instead I ignored those thoughts and now I have to listen to lectures online...which I can't stand to do these days.

So, what's next, you ask?  Well, I'm not going to wallow in my current failure.  I'm actually going to make the proper corrections tonight and plan to wake up for lecture tomorrow morning.  It's called adjustment and there's nothing wrong with it.  The worse thing I could do is to say forget my goals and never follow through.  Doing this would never allow me to grow and it sure won't make me a better medical student or physician.  How you handle a situation, such as this one, will answer the question posed in the title of this blog post.  Are your goals just goals?  Or do they begin as goals that you later turn into action?


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Goals (Jan. 27th-Feb 3rd)

Let the changes begin (Liter #1)
I've already posted about the importance of setting goals, and as such, I think it's time I start setting weekly goals.  Perhaps this will make life a little more fluid on a week-to-week basis while minimizing some of the pressure around exam time.  So let's get started!

1) Attend lecture everyday
2) Review lecture notes afterward or later that night (No exceptions)
3) Exercise at least 3 times a week
4) Drink 2L of water daily (I repeat DAILY) lol
5) Do something fun during the week (i.e. visit the museums...if it's warm roam downtown)
6) Take a lunch 3 out of the 5 days that I'm at school
7) Visit with my professor[s] at least 1 time this week
8) Attempt to pre-read the lectures the day before
9) Blog at least once per  week

Notice I didn't go to the extreme with my goals which is something that I often do.  I could have said, exercise everyday.  But I am realizing that that's a bit much, especially given that I don't exercise at all and I blame it on our busy schedules.  So easing into the process seems to be my best bet.  What do you think? The attending lecture everyday is an extreme.  However, it's something that I can do and it'll be better for me because I get restless when trying to stream lectures.  Oh and let's not forget that lecture streaming doesn't always work.  That's a real pain, let me tell ya.

So, now that you've read some of my goals what are some of yours? They can be daily, weekly, yearly, or some that you haven't implemented yet but would like to.