Sunday, October 14, 2012

What an Upset

Most medical students can't wait to see patients.  We feel like having those experiences and interactions make studying 5 million hours, neglecting your family and friends, and failing to accomplish any household duties worth all the hassle.  Plus, you get to feel like a doctor regardless of the fact that we don't know much LOL!!!!  To my fellow M1's doesn't that seem ridiculous? To date we've studied so much material, yet we haven't SEEN, let alone hit, the tip of the iceberg. (Side bar: Titanic was a great movie.) 

Today I was scheduled to volunteer at a local clinic.  I was feeling all types of emotions when I was getting ready.  I was scared, nervous, excited, and if you can think of any more emotions then add those to the list too.  Nevertheless, I threw on my professional attire, grabbed my medical bag (as if I'd need it), and headed out of the door.  I felt so doctorish J!

While on the way I wondered what types of things would myself and the other volunteers be doing?  Would we be shadowing, taking histories, doing blood pressures, and/or other simple procedures?  Along with these thoughts I wondered if I would even be capable of doing them or would I embarrass myself?  My background is in research, and while I have interacted with patients before I am quite inexperienced with doing simple medical techniques, such as getting blood glucose and cholesterol samples.  This is why I'd like to get more practice.  I’m sure I’m expecting too much of myself.  I mean we just recently learned how to take a patient’s history, and let me tell you that was quite the experience.  One big LOL I tell you.  But I want to be as prepared as I should be.  That’s not abnormal, right?

Ok, so I’m driving and I finally pull up to the place.  As I am pulling up I see some other students, which makes me happy because that meant I wouldn’t actually be alone.  See, before I got to the clinic I assumed I wouldn’t be alone.  But seeing those fresh white coats confirmed my thoughts.  As I am putting on my coat (I don’t wear it when I’m driving because I don’t want it to get wrinkled and messed up) a man, who I thought was the attending physician, comes out and says, “It’s closed.” (Errrrrrr).  Closed?  How is this place closed and I was all ready to play doctor, practice the new skills we’ve been learning all semester? LOL

So I had to hop back into my car with the sad face L.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the next opportunity.  All the better because then I’ll have learned more skills!