Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Millionaire Matchmaker Reunion...WHAT????

Reunion shows have become both repetitive and mundane, all of which makes them unsatisfactory in my eyes.  They used to tackle most of the concerns of the viewers.  But now we sit there watching them discuss nothing or gloss over the really juicy details for an two hours (because the break the shows down over a course of two days).  This leads me to ask, why does The Millionaire Matchmaker have a reunion show???? Really????  Out of all the previous seasons there has been a reunion show.  I'm thinking it's because one wasn't needed. We know most of the participants don't make it...we can conclude this from the episode.  So why do I care to see them confirm this on the reunion show?  I don't, which is why I don't be watching.  Sure, there's that one couple that you say...aww, I'm glad they'll be going on a second date.  But you forget about them as soon as the credits roll, or at least I do.

Oh well, I know that TV producers will try anything to get a few extra dollars.  Going back to an earlier point these "reunion shows" don't talk about squat.  I like Wendy Williams (HOW YOU DOIN?) as a host.  She's not afraid to ask the good questions and address some sneaky behaviors that we saw during the season.  Plus, her team will dig into some off-season stories too.  Oh, and Wendy is not easily distracted by the all-of-a-sudden argument that jumps off so that the cast can avoid certain subjects. I LOVE IT!  If you've ever watched  the Wendy Williams show you know what I'm talking about.

Nevertheless, I'm about sick of these reality "stars" getting rich and not supplying what the heck has made them rich.  It's like once they've come out with their jewelry line or makeup line they want privacy. REALLY??? O_o.  Just two episodes ago you were free as a bird. Get out of here with that mess.

Look, all I'm saying is...either keep it really and juicy on the reunion shows or beat it.   Don't just give us any ole' thing because you want the extra rating boost.  I'll end it here by saying, we as consumers and the reason why these shows are able to keep going need to start demanding better product, that being good TV.  I think people desire their privacy but that's all out the window if you've signed up for a reality show that's sole purpose is to expose YOURSELF.


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