Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is this about passion or money???

I was just talking with my husband about people pursuing careers that they are passionate about versus careers that are based solely about making money.  Honestly, to think that people are only about making money makes me SICK.  I understand that people work to provide for themselves and their families; however, my problem lies in the fact that people seem to be less passionate about their craft.  Before people would have a goal…a dream...something to which they would work to master everything about it.  My dream has, for most of my life, to become a doctor.   Prior to that I wanted to be an artist and doctor/lawyer (I was so cute back then). These decisions stemmed from either my desire to help people or my love for art.  What are you passionate about?  Are you working towards your goals? Or have you jumped on the money-making bandwagon?

To clue you in on how this topic originated, I frequently watch YouTube videos (which has served as a great information source), and I noticed that everyone was making tutorials and such.  Now let me say while I am all for people making money I am not for people watching a few videos and then calling themselves a PRO.  Next thing you know see them posting videos that are about the same topics as the person that inspired them.  Have most of you even pursued an education in the field attempting to actually become a professional?  Or did you watch a few videos, practice on yourself and a few others, and continue on from there?  That's so mediocre.  I think people need to understand more than the surface facts.  Unfortunately this is something that people are complacent with.  Being FAKE professionals because their core audience doesn't require more of them.    

Another thing that bugs me about method of becoming a pro is that authenticity is compromised.  Can you honestly say that YouTube videos, specifically concerning hair care, are original anymore?  As of right now I don’t think so.  The trend I am seeing is: start with hair, lead to makeup, then jewelry and clothes videos will follow.  What’s up with this? It is one thing to see someone do something and then take an interest.  But I don't see this as the case.  What is see are people saying "oh, this is a quick way to make a few dollars", and in my opinion it really dilutes the quality.

There are a select few YouTubers that I watch and even they are getting a bit tired with the same topics and their inevitable following of the trend listed above.  It saddens me because…ultimately, it feels like you are using or deceiving the people that subscribe to you.  Originally, videos about hair care and such just seemed like people found what worked for them and wanted to share the wealth, almost like a community bonding type of deal.   However, this feeling was short-lived as everyone became about the money.  Once again in my opinion the people that do this are no longer simply sharing things about themselves.  What they are doing is selling recordings about themselves as if it were a reality show.  And some people are buying.  These people are literally making videos about their day-to-day life and nothing more.

I guess I just don’t like the business-side of things.  I think that you can make money without doing so in a “sneaky” manner.  Be real and upfront with your plans.  If you want to be a businessman/woman then state that.  Don’t lure people in under the basis of camaraderie and then turn into a business.  That's BS.  Also, some of the “popular” (I refuse to use the term celebrity) YouTubers really need to get over themselves.  That’s just my two cents. 

As I have already said be real, original, and passionate.  

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  1. For the reason you stated, I rarely watch a youtube videos. I am so not interested in videos of anyone's idea of fashion, definitely not make-up tips or hauls. I have only viewed a handful of videos and they all contained ladies who had reached my goal length or close to it and/or just ended a stretch. I think when I see ladies do videos of fashion and what make-up they wearing, I kinda feel like they like to see themselves on the closes thing they can get to tv...video. The videos I have watched, if I can't see the length of the hair, I don't even watch it. And I really don't care for all of the talking done in most of these videos, ramblings really. Some people get a really big head from any kind of attention and then they assume that they can sell ice to an Eskimo... go figure. I don't subscribe to any videos, wouldn't even if I knew how. Sounds like you have to pay, don't know. There is too much free info out here to be paying for it. Now with that said I actually searched and found a youtube video on repairing my washing machine by replacing a lid switch. I followed the instructions and got my washer back working :-) Anyway, you're not the only one feeling like this and getting fed up with the first hair then jack-of-all-trades- master-of-none youtube syndrome, lol.