Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have to let it go

So I am working to lose weight and I  think I may have to let go of a few things for a while. 

1) Cheese
This is going to be a tuffy.  I'm a cheese addict.  In fact my aunt used to make me my own mac-n-cheese during the holidays because I loved it so much.  I know I could just use low fat our mozzarella cheese. But I have a confession to make...I can be an excessive person.  So that combined with my love of cheese means I have to cut it out to tame the craving.  (It's so good though)

2)  Chocolate
Once again I am a fiend.  But my oh my...chocolate is one delicious substance. I love everything about it.  I've cut it out of my food menu before.  But until I'm able to control the cravings I'm a mess. Lol

3)  Whipped Cream
Things like Hot Chocolate taste so much better with whipped cream but unnecessary calories come along with it.  So I order my coffees without it.  This wasn't a hard thing to do though.  Occasionally I'll order it but 9 times out of 10 I'll leave it out.

Lets see...what else?  You won't see
my Starbucks coffee on here.  I'm sure my brother will have lots to say about that. Lol.  Miracle Whip & mayo should probably be included in this but...not just yet.  I'm still training D

We'll see what other things I need to add as time goes on.


BTW: one of my goals is to go as Catwoman for Halloween. Lol


  1. Good luck. I recently started cutting out Chinese fast food by switching it with subway. I think once you make the first switch it's uncomfortable but after that it's easier to tell your body "No" lol