Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Midday Rant

It always bugs me when I hand my debit card to a cashier and they slide it back to me on the counter after the transaction has been completed. Am I the only one that views this as a semi sign of disrespect? For some, sure, it is a unconscious habit. However, even this is inexcusable. If you see me hand you something then you need to follow Newton's Third Law of Motion and hand me my bleep back LOL. BTW: Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Just to make this statement a little bit more clear here's a very simplified example (so you science folks out there don't add your intellectual two cents LOL): While you are walking on the ground your foot is applying a force on the ground. According to Newton's Third Law, the ground is applying a force of equal magnitude back on your foot. However, the force applied is in the opposite direction. Anyways, I may have taken a complicated turn but all I mean is you need to show people the same respect they show you (i.e. don't place my debit card or my money on the counter if I purposefully handed it to you).

I'm not an angry person people. But somethings do bug me. Oh well, back to work I go!

~VickyNoSecrets Out ;) lol

My babies are growing up

This month has been full of great events. I've had 2 younger cousins graduate from high school, a nephew graduate from elementary school, and a niece graduate from kindergarten just yesterday. God is really showing me that time waits for no one. Therefore, we must either get with it or fall behind and remain stuck in the past. I am so proud of each of my family members. They are choosing to move forward and make things happen for themselves. I can only pray that they will never give up on making their dreams come true.