Monday, August 22, 2011

Long Time No See

It's been a little minute since I've blogged.  But that's because not much has changed with me.  My classes are over (THANK GOD) and I've just been enjoying my vacation before the new semester starts.  I'll be moving on campus, which I am a little sad about.  I'm trying to stay positive and look at it as a new experience.  This is a totally new school so I'll need to make new friends and see if some old friends are still around LOL. 

Oh...I got my hair cut yesterday.  I am a fan of layered hair, so I got my hair layered again.  It's so cute.  I'll have to post some pictures.  Also, I was tried out my new wig.  It needs to be cut but it still looked great.

My family and I played Kickball yesterday as well.  Talk about a blast.  My team won (that should have been expected LOL).  I'm just talking trash. My brother was on the other team.  I'm more than sure he thought his team had it in the bag.  But I caught one of the balls after he kicked it and so did my sister.  I saw that thing coming my way and KNEW I had to catch it.  I wouldn't have been able to live it down if I hadn't because my brother is a USDA Certified Grade A trash talker (LMBO).  Well...we all are actually but he is one for sure.  Anyways, we won 11-6.  Shout out to my team of All-stars because my team was WORKING (I WILL WORK YOU DOG).  

I can't think of anything else to talk about right now so I'm out.

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