Saturday, October 22, 2011

Faux hawk

I like it.  Currently I am participating in a K.I.S.S. Challenge. We must wear protective styles until Dec. 31st but we can wear our hair out on the weekend.  Hopefully this will help me each APL and start there as I transition.

Enjoy the pic!


  1. I like it!!! Can you tell how you did it? I've tried but it never comes out the way I like :(

  2. Hey! I moisturized my hair with the Cantu Shea Repair Cream and sealed with some JBCO. Next, I sectioned my hair off by parting down both sides of my head for the hawk. Then I flat-twisted up the sides and pinned them down with bobby pins. Last, I used the flexi-rods on the middle part (the hawk) and the ends of the flat-twist. I took my hair down and fluffed in the morning. You can also use more bobby pins to make your faux hawk look smaller, more defined, or to push more hair forward.

    Good luck!

  3. Very Cute, I like it....New follower here:-) Check out my blog too!!!