Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Base Hospital Selection

Today I'll be going to tour a hospital in anticipation for my classmates and me selecting our base hospitals this next semester.  We won't rotate in the hospitals until 3rd year.  However, we will find out the location after we all select our desired places this Fall.  It'll make for some interesting times as many of us are looking at some of the same hospitals, but there are only some many spots available.  Let the cat fights begin LOL.  No, I think everything will work itself out.  Nonetheless, I am excited to see the hospital setting, how the staff enjoys the hospitals, and a look into how things may be next year. 

I'll be going on the tour with one of my friends and she is just as excited as I am.  This hospital is one of our top choices.  In fact, it may actually be her #1 choice, not necessarily mine.  But we'll have to see where it stands once I look at my other choices. 

Today will also be a long day.  Some of my classmates are fasting for Ramadan, and one of the student organizations, the Islamic Student Medical Association (IMSA), is hosting a fast-a-thon today.  Those participating will fast from 4:30am-9:08pm (or so).  It seems like they had a pretty good turnout as quite a few of my classmates signed up.  Personally, I've never fasted this long before, nor have I given up food, in addition to, water.  It will be interesting to see how I'll respond. 

My first experience witnessing my anyone fast for Ramadan, knowingly anyway, was last year during our Anatomy course.  My classmates we all very strong and dedicated during the entirety of their fast, all while staying focused for school.  At that time I couldn't imagine what it would be like to adjust to the changes that the body would go through without food, water, etc, all during the stress of school and the heat outside.  Nonetheless, they were able to do it and so I believe I can do it too (at least for today LOL).  At the end of the day we'll break fast with my classmates and IMSA will show us their presentation.    

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