Thursday, April 4, 2013

Female Repro On Deck

We are making our way through these classes quicker than the speed of light.  It's hard to believe that my fellow classmates and I are about to be....2ND YEARS!!!!! After we complete this semester we will be 2nd year medical students.  It seems like just yesterday I was trying to finish up my MPH and awaiting the long couple of weeks to get my white coat.  Oh our faces when the physician standing on the stage finally threw that beautiful white piece of cloth on our backs.  I'm sure you'll never see a happier face, unless your looking at a mom and dad see their brand new baby.  That's how important that moment was for many of us.

Fast forward 10 months, 15+ classes, and several long hours of studying later and I'm taking Female Reproduction System.  This is a class that I've long awaited.  Most people that know me know that I've been interested in Women's Health and Reproduction since undergrad.  I enjoyed the subject, and it's complexity, so much that Ob-Gyn is my #1 the moment.  I say at the moment because I want to remain somewhat open until we finish rotations.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to learning more about the anatomy of a woman, how the reproductive system is regulated by our nervous system,  hormones, and environmental factors, and ultimately how this all relates to the development of a fetus.  Oh how amazing the human body is.  We'll  have to see if my passion for Female Repro will withstand these next fee weeks.

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