Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nothing like a pair of cute pearls

Every woman should have a pair of pearl earrings. They are just so cute and make just about any outfit look sophisticated and eye-catching. One of their best features is that they go amazing well with any color blouse.

I like to wear them when we have to see patients, shadow physicians, or have EVOLVE Clinic. I guess you can say they are my go to earrings. In fact, I prefer them over my usual gold hoops...and I love my miniature gold hoops!

Well, today's special occasion is EVOLVE Clinic. My classmates and I have to throw on our white coats and discuss simulated patient cases that relate to our current courses. This experience was designed to give us some form of clinical exposure without seeing actual patients. I see this as a gift and a curse lol. Sometimes is can be a pain to taken away from your study time to discuss something that isn't real. However, we do get to see how the content that we cover is applicable to real life situations, all the while, keeping us away from actual people lol.

Now we do get the chance to work with real patients in our clinical skills courses. But the EVOLVE Clinic and Clinical Skills don't correlate with one another. What I mean is what we go over in EVOLVE is conceptual subjects that more so involve our systems coursework to come up with a diagnosis. Whereas the clinical skills course requires us to learn how to perform exams and relate to patients. For the most part we get to play doctor more often lol.

Nevertheless, it helps to get through the tough times of studying all day because you feel like you are working and, toor at least, I appreciate hands-on projects.

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