Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Goals (Jan. 27th-Feb 3rd)

Let the changes begin (Liter #1)
I've already posted about the importance of setting goals, and as such, I think it's time I start setting weekly goals.  Perhaps this will make life a little more fluid on a week-to-week basis while minimizing some of the pressure around exam time.  So let's get started!

1) Attend lecture everyday
2) Review lecture notes afterward or later that night (No exceptions)
3) Exercise at least 3 times a week
4) Drink 2L of water daily (I repeat DAILY) lol
5) Do something fun during the week (i.e. visit the museums...if it's warm roam downtown)
6) Take a lunch 3 out of the 5 days that I'm at school
7) Visit with my professor[s] at least 1 time this week
8) Attempt to pre-read the lectures the day before
9) Blog at least once per  week

Notice I didn't go to the extreme with my goals which is something that I often do.  I could have said, exercise everyday.  But I am realizing that that's a bit much, especially given that I don't exercise at all and I blame it on our busy schedules.  So easing into the process seems to be my best bet.  What do you think? The attending lecture everyday is an extreme.  However, it's something that I can do and it'll be better for me because I get restless when trying to stream lectures.  Oh and let's not forget that lecture streaming doesn't always work.  That's a real pain, let me tell ya.

So, now that you've read some of my goals what are some of yours? They can be daily, weekly, yearly, or some that you haven't implemented yet but would like to. 

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