Friday, March 8, 2013

Packing My Bags

Peace, I'm out of here!


I've always wanted to study aboard.  This desire dates back to my undergrad days.  I would walk to the underground area in The Union and see pamphlets and information about taking classes in Brazil, Spain, etc, and I never follow through with it.  So I decided that I wouldn't let the opportunity pass me by in medical school. 

As of late we've been getting plenty of information about medical mission trips that will be taking place during our breaks.  I looked into one of the trips but it was so expensive that I didn't look any further.   However, I feel that this was a mistake.  Perhaps, I could have applied for traveling scholarships or something.  If it's one thing that I am learning in school it's that there's always funding available somewhere.  As such, funds or lack thereof shouldn't be a deterrent.   Not unless they are asking for a deposit and you only have 24 hours to come up with the money, and even in that case you may find a miracle.

Nevertheless, I said I would for certain go on the trip next semester, God willing.  I've never traveled outside of the US and it's something that I really want to do.  So why should I deny myself the opportunity.  I shouldn't, right? Right! or Verdad as I should say now that I'm taking Medical Spanish. 

There are some amazing opportunities presented to my classmates and me and I should really take advantage so that I won't have the..."I wish I would have..." thoughts later down the line.    

Are there any interesting things that you wish you would have done or now have the chance to do?

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  1. GO GO FOR IT!!! i must say of all things in undergrad.. never going abroad was one of my regrets as well!! God Speed little lady!!.. P.s. there is a website called it allows people to donate to your cause! there are others just like it.. so give it a shot.. friends, fam, amd strangers can chip in!!