Sunday, September 2, 2012

MAC mascara vs. Maybelline

My sassy face just for fun
Side view to show the lashes

You can love MAC Cosmetics for just about everything.  However, I don't fancy their mascara.  The one I purchased would flake, wasn't waterproof, and just wasn't worth the money.  Despite all this I
continued to wear it (I mean I did pay a nice amount of money for it).  That was until I found my new love...Maybelline's One by One Volum' Express Hydrofuge

I'm sure MAC mascara is fabulous as you get higher up in the price.  But my new love does the trick for a makeup newbie like myself.  It's not clumpy, spreads just fine, is waterproof, and extends my lashes like none other.  Oh and let's not forget that it's the cheaper one as well.  Nothing wrong with abiding by a budget (WINKS!!!)  I got mine from Target for...wait for it...wait for it...

less than 3 dollars because it was on clearance.   It was meant to be or at least I'd like to think it was (LOL).   

For those that like visuals, don't worry I have photos to share :)

So tell me bloggettes, which do you prefer?

BTW I am wearing a MAC lip gloss in these photos.  It's called Galaxy Rose and I LOVE it.

That's my two cents for now.


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