Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lessons Learned Thus Far: The Importance of Self-evaluation

With every week I am learning a new lesson, which is expected because this is a new academic environment and we are learning new material at the speed of light [c=3.0x10^8 m/s (Remember those units)].  Documenting the rights and wrongs of every week or after every exam might help with exposing one’s weak areas, all the while, making it possible to implement methods for improvement. Two weeks ago during our Osteopathic Patient Care course we discussed the importance of self-evaluation, and last week our leader mentioned that one ought to establish both quantitative and qualitative goals.  This means that one should set goals that are observable and are measureable.  For example, let’s say you set a goal of improving your exam scores.  This goal can be quantified by comparing your first exam grades to those that follow.  If your grades improve then great, keep up the good work.  If they stay stagnant or decrease you may need to make some adjustments.    

Self-evaluation or reflection will allow one to assess whether they were effective at achieving their goals or not.  Furthermore, self-evaluation will also show whether some changes need to be made in order to increase efficacy or if some methods should be completed removed and starting anew.  You should give it a try and see if things become more manageable for you. 

It isn’t a complex concept that is only applicable to students.  In fact, it’s often applied to various aspects, and in some cases people aren’t even aware that they are doing it.  For instance, utilizing the Nike+ application to increase distance running.  Currently, I am using this application to keep track of the distance ran, pace, and time.  As such, my goal is quantifiable and I can look back to see what things helped me increase my distance or what prevented me from going farther.  For my lovelies that are on their hair journey you too can apply this method.  It would require that you document your hair growth and what you’ve been doing to you hair.  After the time frame that was set, check to see your progress or lack there of, and self-evaluate.  I bet you’d be able to pinpoint where you need to make changes with much more ease.

On a more academic and personal note, I want to increase the effectiveness of my study time.  As such, I will allot a certain amount of time to study by creating a schedule and committing to it (oh, this will take some work and a separate blog will be dedicated to this topic).  But I should be able to evaluate how much material I am able to get through during the time frames set.  I’m hoping (prayers said, knocking on wood, and fingers crossed) that this will reflect in me being more prepared for exams in advance, having more time to relax, and less stress.  If these things don’t happen then I’ll reassess my techniques.  We’ll see how this goes O_o.

Here’s a link to a website that provides a basic discernment between quantitative and qualitative.   Also, given that we’re talking about evaluations and such…here’s my bit of science humor ;)

I'm not endorsing this website.  I just thought this was a good joke!

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  1. I like this!

    Pretty much what I'm doing to improve study habits and such :)

    Good luck with your productivity! haha