Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's Kick This Weight

Hello there my people!!!!

For the past 2 weeks I have been working out and it feels great. I've also changed my eating habits. Both of these changes are definitely battles for me because I can't stand coming on after a long day and working out and I love chocolate, YUM YUM LOL. What sparked my desire to get in shape was the fact that... I am a good ummm....I'll be brave and say it.... I am a good 30+ lbs heavier than I was in high school. My muscular definiton is gone. I was the girl that ran track, cheered for multiple years, and took pride in destroying quite a few boys in multiple sports. People use to ask me if I worked out because of my build and 6 years later they were asking if I was having a baby. WTHeck???? Obviously things have gotten out of hand. It was so embarrassing :( Watching all these talk shows about overweight/obese people and my Godfather, Dr. Oz, call people out on the Truthtube played a major role in my lifestyle change too.

Now that I've come to the decision that I need to be a healthier person I've decided to kick things up a notch. I am planning a 2 maybe 3 week personal challenge (anyone is welcome to join!!!). I am knocking the meat. That's right...I will not eat meat for 2 WHOLE weeks but instead will stock up on vegetables and fruits. I will eat some chicken or fish if I do an intense workout. Come on ya'll I plan to be a doctor, I know I'll need some protein for muscle restoration ;) I'll also be consuming about 2+Liters of water/day. No junk food. Whoaaaa buddy this is gonna be major. In fact it will be biblical (Did any one see Law Abiding Citizen???? If not, you won't get it LOL). I will probably make day-to-day changes depending on what my body is telling me. Anyone that decides to join me feel free to make any ammendments necessary.

Normally, I wouldn't share experiences like this which is exactly why my blog is titled, NoLongerSilent.

And on that note I'll be exiting.


  1. im on the workout thing too my mans.. its certainly a must now.. that metabolism is slowing down.. plus im i'm doing 50-60 lbs in 2 months.. the "i used to be fat edition.. ill only expect to get half of my goal but it is the goal none the less... shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars!!

  2. Heck yeah Ky. I feel you. Hey it will be tough but you can definitely do it. Those kids were able to work out like it was a job though. They were putting in 4-6hrs/ day. I would need to get paid for stuff like that. Did you decide if you were going to texlax or go natural???